How to stop checking your phone and build focus?

According a study, an average person checks their phone over 150 times a day. Have you thought about how this habit of constantly spending time on digital devices costs your fortune and keeps you away from success? Anyone who ever made it into the hall of fame spent great chunks of time away from distractions, diversions or trivial interruptions. You can be like anyone else – busy being busy or be the exception that does not unnecessarily turn to the phone. Here are some habits to help you beat digital distractions and build your focus:

1. Beat digital dementia. Upon waking up, do you check your phone, emails, check for likes on Facebook or Instagram, play with the favourite app? All of them are stealing the cognitive bandwidth that makes it possible to be productive and creative. To keep it in check, set up a protective bubble. Imagine you have around you a tight bubble of focus and attention. Use it like a filter. Everything that is a distraction does not get in.

2. No phone conversations. The average picture today is friends, couples, families out together yet everyone is on their phones, often engaged in separate conversations. The greatest gift you can give to your partner, co-worker or client is undivided attention. Otherwise, you are gonna miss information that builds trusty relationships. When you are on a date, in a meeting, or having a meal, put the phone aside and have a real conversation.

3. Isolation. Rediscover the pleasure of spending time alone and leave aside the fear of missing out when you don’t play with your phone. Every time you check for a like, check if someone is online without contacting them, you reinforce a reward system based on dopamine. Replace the need of being liked with trust in yourself and build your plan. Have your own mission and break free from the crowd.

4. Your morning routine. You can optimize your body and emotions to set yourself up for success. Rise before the sun and work on yourself: meditate, exercise, read, pray, think about your values and put it into a journal, plan your day and your week in advance. By defining and following your top priorities you are tuning away from distractions.

“Every battle is won before is ever fought.” Sun Tzu

Start mastering your mind!

Photo credits: Pavan Trikutam @unsplash

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