Self Love and Acceptance

How to Love Yourself

How much quality time do you usually spend with yourself? Have you ever found yourself postponing any personal activity, just because you had something urgent come up, but still find the strength to always be there for yourself?

This strategy seems to work well for everyone, but it looks like most of us just ignore our inner selves. This may happen because our eyes are facing outward and we can only see what is outside, maybe this is why we direct most attention to the outer world.

Self-love and self-acceptance bring about the change from the inside and generates improvement to all our life. Change that is self-generated is very empowering.

How can you enhance self-love?

Set a date with yourself. Invite yourself for a cup of coffee once a week, without newspapers, books, TV, internet or anyone else. Stay alone with your coffee and try to understand yourself better. Or be quiet for a moment.

Give yourself a hug every morning. This may sound pathetic, but if you start the day hugging yourself, you will get more hugs throughout the day. When you wake up, stretch your body out and hug yourself spreading loving energy all over your body and mind, and by this getting in the mood for love for the whole day.

Self Love and Acceptance
Happy, shiny people

Reward yourself. When you make an effort to do something you did not necessarily feel like doing. Allow yourself a little relaxation after this or do something pleasant, like taking a warm bath, drinking a cup of tea, having a piece of cake, watching a movie, or anything that you hardly ever find time for.

Take care of yourself in the morning. If we start the day happy and healthy, the day will most likely continue in this way. Whatever it is that you do for your physical and mental health, try to do it in the very morning. Go jogging or do some yoga, meditate, read, study, enjoy your meal. When you are taken care of, you will be able to give more love and attention to others.

Do something special every day. Do not put away your life, live it to the fullest. Make yourself feel magical even on those days when you don’t have much time after work. Light a candle, take a walk in the nature, look at the stars, hug your loved one for ten minutes, or even just look into your own eyes in the mirror.

Invest your time in learning. Knowledge and experience is the best choice to invest your time and efforts into, simply because it will stay with you all your life, and you may use it in the future to serve yourself and others.

Give yourself a break. Even if you are super active, you cannot work like a machine many hours per week without breaking down. Take breaks wisely, and remember, they are for your own benefit, so that you can be balanced and continue working productively.

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