Four Ways Meditation Improves Concentration

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Concentration is giving your undivided attention to something while attention span is the amount of time an individual can remain focused on a task without becoming distracted. And guess what? Recent statistics confirm that, on average, a goldfish has a higher attention span than you. Here are four ways that can help you increase your attention span:

1. Meditate regularly

Regular meditation improves concentration. Practise every day at the same hour and for the same duration. During meditation, focus on one thought at a time. You can either use a mantra or use the visualisation method. If you choose the mantra, all you have to do is say in your mind a phrase such as “I am at peace” or “Clear and bright” until you feel your mind settling and observe having less wandering thoughts. Visualisation is a method helping you focus on the meditation object of your choice to the point where it becomes very detailed and real.

With practice, your mind will become accustomed to staying focused for 30 minutes and distracting thoughts will appear less and less.

2. Breathe

There is nothing simpler and more natural than breathing. When you walk, eat or do sports, take the time to focus on your breathing. This is also a good exercise you can do to fall asleep in a peaceful way. Count to 100, one time when you breathe in, the second when you breathe out.

3. One minute of concentration every hour

Set a reminder for a one-minute break every hour. Keeping your eyes open or closed, concentrate on your center and try to stay focused and present in every moment.

4. Make impeccability your daily context

The less distractions you have in your environment, the easier it will be to stay concentrated. Set a list of priorities in the morning and make sure to start with what is at the top of the list. Keep a clean and organised environment, so that you can easily concentrate on carrying out your tasks and not on cleaning your desk.

When nothing is demanding your attention, you can more easily focus on the things that need to be done. An impeccable appearance and outer environment stand for an impeccable mindset.

What other tricks do you use to increase your concentration levels?

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