View from the Meditation Retreat in Thailand

Five Lessons to Enjoy Your Life

Since I was a child I have always had the biggest dreams. I remember drawing dinosaurs and creating stories during class. It as all about a group of adventurers discovering new worlds. Our ship transformed into a submarine and allowed us to find new creatures.

Growing up, I imagined myself as an electromechanical engineer working with robotics at NASA. When I was finishing my school years, I decided I wanted to be a film director, just like Peter Jackson, capable of creating complex Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) worlds with unforgettable stories.

View from the Peace Revolution Meditation Retreat in Thailand
View from the Peace Revolution Meditation Retreat in Thailand

Source: Peace Revolution Facebook

But my life has turned into a better story. This year I published my opera prima, my first book. When I studying at university I created the biggest robotic contest. I still remember passing a lot of hours building my robot Asimov to pick up balls of different colours. Right now, I’m in India developing a video game, using my love for role-playing games and my desire to create new entertainment experiences.

Life is never as you dreamed. But if you enjoy your life and understand it, life becomes much better. This is the first out of six posts, which I will publish daily. In these articles, I will discuss the lessons I have learned until now from life and, most important, why I feel a lot of happiness while I write this post.

And let me tell you that 2014 was the best year in my life.

Lesson 1: Never Stop Dreaming

Lesson 2: Receive “the Present” of Each Day

Lesson 3: Better to Ask for Forgiveness Than for Permission?

Lesson 4: Want, Work and Relax

Lesson 5: Make Time for Yourself Each Day

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