Life Wisdom

December 26, 2016

A 2016 Year In Review

Dear 2016, In a few days, I will not be able to enjoy my time with you anymore. However, our time together has given me a lot […]
November 2, 2016

Finding Peace After Prison: How You Can Help

Here’s a million dollar word for you: Recidivism. Recidivism is the habitual or repeated lapse into criminal behavior. The most blatant example of recidivism is when […]
October 24, 2016

Empower Your Mind in the SEE Peace Summit

Did anyone tell you that you cannot sing? Cannot paint? Cannot start a business or lead a project? Wasn’t it sometimes your own critical voice saying […]
October 18, 2016

Begin Your Journey of Change in Tirana, Albania

Imagine waking up with yoga, participating in workshops about health and benefits, listening to motivational talks from inspiring speakers, conversing with Thai Buddhist monks and refreshing […]