My Loving-Kindness Meditation

Many of the Peace Revolution guided sessions finish with a loving-kindness meditation. I feel happy and silently excited during this moment. The idea is to garner enough peace energy to share the love, joy, kindness with communities and the greater world. Practicing loving-kindness┬ámakes a person open to use it on a daily basis in real life, be kinder, more mindful, in the everyday human interactions. Continue reading “My Loving-Kindness Meditation”

Partners in PIPO Crime

PIPO planning trip in Bhutan

One evening in Mooktawan, we were watching a video of Peace In Peace Out (PIPO) event in Africa. Just when the screen showed a monk sitting on the beach, he exclaimed – “THAT could be Cox’s Bazar!” Thus was Carsten’s vision and very soon he convinced me to have the same dream – to bring Peace Revolution to Bangladesh. And we did it! Three months later, crossing many obstacles, we co-created some meditation events to spread the message of mindfulness in our networks in Bangladesh. Continue reading “Partners in PIPO Crime”

Dear BLANK (My Sabai Mooktawan Poem)

Rainy day in Mooktawan Sanctuary during the Peace Revolution International Youth Fellowship

Show your empathy to my frustration
Calm down my playful mind
Kiss your compassion over my heart
Balance the peace in this seeking soul.
This Sabai is not mine alone,
Help me share happiness with the world
My every heartbeat can generate love
The dream that is not mine alone.
I never cared more for your protection
I am not chicken-hearted, with no feelings
Just be with me in this path,
My path to eternal Sabai.

by Samia Tamrin Ahmed

Peace In, Peace Out in Bangladesh with South Asian Youth Society

They say “you cannot find peace in Google as peace is inside”. Once we have established peace within ourselves we can spread it to our surroundings. This is the premise behind the inner peace workshop arranged by South Asian Youth Society (SAYS) on 2nd of October 2014 at the EMK Center, Dhaka. The event Peace In, Peace Out was a unique initiative by any youth group in Bangladesh as it incorporated lectures and guided meditation as a means to cultivate inner peace.

Continue reading “Peace In, Peace Out in Bangladesh with South Asian Youth Society”