The Importance of Self-knowledge

We are social beings and together we create the family unit, the neighbourhood, the community, and the greater country. We make the world. Just like the individual cells in our bodies working to keep us alive and well, we, too, are cells that make humanity. So when each cell works to its full potential, the  tissues, organs can subsequently work in harmony and keep the person alive and kicking. Each individual is a unit in the greater picture, but the fact is, he/she is an independent being, in charge of his/her well-being. Inherently, we should try to reach happiness and our own state of well-being.

Grounded as a tree
Grounded as a tree

Image credit: Samia Tamrin Ahmed

In that case, how can we strive to be well? We can nourish our minds and bodies with good, positive thoughts and nutrition. Health is wealth. We should try not to use substances that harm our bodies. This body is a gift and we must take care of it. Similarly, the mind needs to be nurtured, too. Understanding oneself is one step towards that. Knowing what makes the heart sing, helps! Self-knowledge is crucial to help us pave our own life path, to know our purpose and live with joy. When one ‘cell’ is happy, the whole body is happy.

When we reflect upon ourselves, we can assess our thoughts and actions and make decisions based on those. Meditation is a great tool. It clears the mind and gives opportunity for the “me” time we all need in this hectic world. For me what works are the inner conversations of my mind as I walk. I am not making a huge, conscious effort to reflect, but the thoughts and spoken words are played out in my mind space. Sometimes, I let them out in my writing and poetry. Getting to know myself through my self-expression! Everyday gives a new learning opportunity. Do I know my greater purpose and answers to all my questions? Not really. And I am not very bothered by it, given that I have learnt to live by some short-term purposes and life projects, good vibes, company, and doing things that give me joy.

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