A story – about past, present, future

Are you here and now, present? If so, that must mean that you feel at peace with your past, and also that you do not live expecting from the future, with fear. Let’s reflect on those three, what are their immediate meanings?

Think about your past; what is your history? And what does it mean to you? The past is gone, and nothing from it remains the same permanently on you, not physically, neither conceptually. You can use those things to make you think and reflect, but they are not you anymore. You build yourself on the go. Can’t you change your behaviors? Can’t you try to compensate for something you did wrong? Can’t you completely change your attitude? We are a progressing event always within the change. Is your past what you are now? Definitely no, you are your present.

Now think about your present, what are you doing now? What are you trying to accomplish? Is it too late? Or, is it too soon? Are you afraid of your past? Maybe fearful of the future? Those do not currently exist. You are the now, here, at this moment. What can you do now to create the one you would be happy to be? Yet, being aware of the present time, fully living it, not as a waiting for the future or repenting from the past. But as a beautiful gift, that is the present. It almost feels like crying of joy.

What about the future? It is a dream. Can you predict it? “I think that…” Are you sure? It is something unknown, totally it is. We cannot control it, but yes, you can do your best in the present to create a future where you feel peace. This doing will not happen by wishing the future to be like you expect, which will probably end in a disappointment. Train to be peaceful in the now, so you are also in the future. Live with mindfulness the present to flow peacefully into the future, whatever it will be.

Reflect on those: is it worth worrying about the past? Something that has already gone. What about feeling anxious for the future? No one can warranty you that it will happen the way you are imaging it. And the present? It is of great benefit doing something in the now to live more meaningfully and purposefully, take the step.

In a way, past, present, and future become one if you can connect yourself to the source. What is the source?  It is the mysterious, invisible power that is the origin of all, within all. You may call it God, the Universe, Flowing energy. Should you not understand it with your logic, human logic works for mathematics and utilitarianism, but it is somehow limited. You have to listen to your inside regularly, quietly, still, calmly, in silence, openly, with care.

Photo credits: Pixabay

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