3 Steps to Finding Inner Peace At Home

The world we live in seems to be getting more hectic with each passing day.

And while it’s certainly true that now is probably one of the best times to be alive, finding peace of mind and some much needed inner peace can be quite a challenge.

Making your home a space where you can truly relax, rest and recharge can be an excellent way of creating your own everyday haven – as opposed to turning to travel and other escapistic means.

Here are our tips for redesigning your home with inner peace in mind.

Start by decluttering

We are all often guilty of holding on to things we don’t really need anymore, and that we likely won’t even use again.

These can be the odds and ends that have certain sentimental value for us, like old movie tickets, photos from past summer holidays, our old childhood toys, and so on.

While we can argue in favor of both letting go and holding on to these things, there is no purpose in keeping them around your home, where they are often nothing more than clutter.

Find a storage solution that will work well: either in the home itself, or by renting out a storage space that can safely house all of the memorabilia you are no longer in need of on the daily, but that you can’t bear to part with.

Then start minimizing

While you are decluttering, start to think about ways to minimize the number of things you own as well. This can be anything, from the clothes you have but don’t wear, to the kitchen cupboard that is full of cans and tins that have been there for ages, to all the bath and other products that may have found their way to your bathroom storage.

The more you are surrounded by stuff, the less you will be able to relax and focus, as you will be constantly attacked by choices: which shirt should I wear, what should I have for breakfast, what can I wash my face with?

Minimalism is an amazing lifestyle choice for reaching inner peace – and while it may be hard to get over the initial hurdle, it is certainly achievable, with a bit of effort.

Create a relaxation space

There should be two areas in your home that are made for inner peace.

The first one is your bed, which should be able to provide plenty of hours of restful sleep: you don’t want to be tossing and turning and waking up with back pain. A good night’s sleep is the first prerequisite to inner peace, so invest in a quality mattress that can help you get restful sleep.

The other space should be personal and designed to fit who you are as a person.

If you like to read, design yourself a little nook with a comfy chair surrounded by bookcases. If you like to chill out to a good TV show, pile the cozy pillows and snuggly blankets onto the sofa, and create your zen area there. If cooking relaxes you, invest in a space that will allow you to indulge in an hour or two of quality cooking time.

Your relaxation space should focus around an activity you enjoy, and one that can truly help you tune out and recharge after a stressful day. Try to keep it positive and uplifting, and don’t use it for anything other than its purpose – don’t read your work emails there, don’t have phone calls with the boss, try not to bring any negativity to this space, to the best of your abilities.

Final thoughts

Finding inner peace is a never-ending journey, but one that should be embraced and tackled with as much positivity and drive as you can muster. After all, having bad days only highlights the good ones, so don’t be afraid to lose your cool every once in a while – you are human – but always strive to return to your (head)space of calm and tranquility.

This is a collaborative post supporting our Peace In Peace Out initiative.

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