Why Meditating with Cats is a Blessing?

The origins of these domesticated felines can be traced very long ago, around 10,000 years in the past, accompanying farmers in their daily routines. Cats were mainly famous for chasing away rodents such as rats, mice, porcupines, squirrels amongst others which were feeding on the crops waiting to be yielded. Cats were considered as farmers’ followers because they were always accompanying their masters wherever the latter would step their feet. Gradually, they began to expand across the world through trades, by hopping on ships to protect stocks from pests, and jumping from one port to the next, eventually advancing and covering long journeys, and travelling far and wide. Domestic cats are now present on all continents except Antarctica.

With time, humans redefined their relationships with cats and considered them as pets. Years after years, this relationship became more intense to the point that cats can also be labelled as the men’s best friends. They are funny, lovable and gorgeous with a unique and kind heart. Ancient writings described by scholars and writers, have shown these creatures are the masters of relaxation, and it has been proved that they can act as a key element in our meditation to reach the state of tranquillity and mindfulness. You may ask yourself: how is that possible? This article lists five helpful reasons why meditating with cats is a blessing to meditation enthusiasts.

1. Positive Aura and Energy

These felines are always emitting a positive aura and energy to their surroundings. Their energy center tends to open and realign when they sit still in your company. As aura and energy are not bound by the physical body, and is not limited to any living body, while meditating, your cat and you can merge together your inner aura and energy to create a powerful and unique one. It is the same feeling as meditating in a group but the best part in it is that it also helps to deepen the bond and understanding between you and your cat.

2. Stress Management

Cats are stress-free creatures as they basically do not worry about anything. They are always in a positive mood and lie around without any care. Meditating in such a good and optimistic company can be a very important element to lessen your stress level and become more calm. It can be considered as a natural healing process because originally they do not carry any ‘stress-syndrome.’

3. Focus and Patience

Cats are the examples of being focus, and they are experts in this exercise. Have you ever sat back and watched your cat? Did you notice how they calmly sit on the perch of the window, looking outside and scrutinising the whole background while their tails keep moving from right to left in a perfect synchronisation just like in a pendulum clock? Definitely, this is what cat owners would tell me. Yet, they can sit for long periods of time as if they are frozen and simultaneously staring at the horizon in a state of trance, letting go the world around them. Imitating these behaviours can be useful to enhance our meditation practice, especially when it comes to focus and patience; focus on the present moment, forget everything around, create no attachment and be a master of patience.

4. Purr as a Mantra

‘Rrrrrrrr-rrrrrrrrrrrr’, a sound similar to a phone which is one vibration mode can be heard when rubbing the fur of your cat. Cats really enjoy this and they emit a vibrating sound which shows that they are calm, stress-free and with their favourite ‘toy’ – us. Purring can be considered as a form of mantra or chanting in our meditation sessions because it is without doubt a very stress-free and therapeutic sound which helps achieve peace.

5. Happiness

Cats are joyful creatures and they always bring a beam of light in our house with their happy mood. Whether they are chasing bugs, lizards or other insects, jumping into and out of their cat trees, or tossing their white mice toys around the house, cats are always ready to create or find actions that bring them in that state of happiness. Watching them going round and round brings joy and happiness in your life, and while meditating, it helps to always be in a joyful and happy mood, pushing away distracting and negative thoughts.

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