Tips for Job Satisfaction: Strive for the Best  

There are 3 working styles that we usually see in the workplace today:

(1) Just do it

(2) Procrastination

(3) Strive for the Best.

Read this article and learn which one is your style and how to make sure to deliver your best in every situation. 

1) Just do it.

The employees will finish the assignment within the deadline but may not feel proud of their work because they do not deliver the best of it or they don’t put their heart into it. I call this style, “Just do It”. Their bosses may not be much impressed but nothing much to complain about either.

2) Procrastination.

The employees don’t start the work early but always do it in the last minute or close to the deadline, and many times, they cant meet the deadline. Even though they sometimes meet the deadline, they struggle in many other ways such as having no time to eat or sleep. They may be too emotional or get angry easily without reason. Or they may miss any other important meetings or gatherings which is not good in terms of sustaining relationship. If they repeat this habit, work-life balance will be a big issue.

3) Strive for the Best.

The employees start working on the given task right away with the mindset

love what you do”.

They normally strive for the best. They usually love to deliver the work at its best and sometimes do even more than asked. They go extra mile as they know they are getting something out of it.

Which working style do you prefer to be? I think we all have been on those 3 working styles and have learned the result of them but some decide to go on with the first 2 styles while some may choose to strive for the best. Since I was at university, either on my study or voluntary work, I had the working style of striving for the best. Whether I have to do things because I have to do them or I want to do them, I usually find a good reason to motivate and support myself in doing things at my best potential. That’s why I always do things with a mindset of “love what you do”. I hardly do things because I want a compliment or seek admiration. If you strive for the best, you can admire yourself, so no need for anyone to show admiration to you.

For the voluntary work, as I believe that my action affects the well-being of people, so with or without compliment or complaint, I deliver the best as I don’t want to disappoint anyone especially myself. Because no one forced me to do volunteering, so why not deliver the best for it, right? This working style has been inherited within me little by little.

Therefore, when working at WPI, I never let anything out to the public if Im not sure they’re the best. For example, when we first organized an international peace training in Thailand called “Global Peace on the Move”, our goal was to have a unique training program that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. I love to hear those words like, “thats my lifechanging experience” or “I never had anything like this before”, or “this is the best training I’ve been to”. So we prepared all details to make sure our participants get everything we can give from knowledge to food, to accommodation, to logistics, and, of course, peace, happiness, and friendship. We surely still made some mistakes and had many obstacles in every training but we always had the mindset of doing our best

Whenever everything done by you is the best of the best, people will trust in your work. And trust will lead to confidence in working together. That’s one of must-have qualities to boost your job satisfaction. Good luck with your work!

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