Tips for Job Satisfaction: LOVE what you DO

All of us would like to be happy and successful in our job. But very few people love what they do, and this is the reason why they cannot find happiness at work and tend to complain about their job. This article will help you understand the difference between LOVE what you DO vs DO what you LOVE.

What’s passion for me?
Passion is to love whatever you do and to excel in it. This kind of mindset gives us something we never knew or expected before. If you don’t know what you will get out of a job, it is advisable to do it and you will know by yourself. I Am the CEO of the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), Thailand. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in finance and banking and never took any non-profit management course or degree but today I run an international NGO that has worked in more than 180 countries worldwide and trains trainers from over 60 countries.

Always in a daydream
I struggled a lot in school, but was able to make it successful in the end. Even though I was not excellent in studies, always failed in Maths and was not good in English, I finished high school with the medals for Excellence in Studies and Best in English. How and why? In the past, I didn’t love to read. I was not a fast learner either. So I didn’t have any character or outstanding genes to be successful. Since my childhood, if compared to my elder sister and brother, I was the concern to my parents who had to teach me after school because I could not understand the lessons. My dad even said: “You didn’t use your brain”. Such words echoed in my mind since then but they could not help me get out of the loop to perform better. My mom had to explain Mathematics 3 times and I got nothing out of it, but she was so patient with me actually. I was so absent-minded, always in a daydream and just loved to play. So when I was in class, my mind was outside on something else. My mom could not stand it anymore so she introduced me to meditation by bringing me to the temple to learn from the Master. She wanted me to have a better focus and improve in my studies.

Starting to hear my inner voice
Meditation really helped me at a younger age. In 13 years, it helped me become more focused and less absent-minded. Besides that, something that gradually started within me naturally was an ability to talk to myself or hear my own inner voice. It was 30 years ago when we hardly heard about the inner voice. I started to tell myself I should do this and should not do that. And the most important thing I could tell myself was to LOVE what I DO. Do you know what the consequence of such a mindset was? I started to pay attention in class as I loved to study now. It was incredible and I was eager to know more, to learn more as I enjoyed studying. My grades started to improve and eventually, I could excel in studies by receiving the gold medal for Excellence in studies and Best in English before going to university.

When my mindset changed…
As mentioned before, I was weak in Maths and failed on it many times. But when I put my mind to love Maths, I got top scores which surprised me a lot. I took a bus to take extra classes in Maths alone very far from home and enjoyed doing homework on Maths. I became a kind of a Maths lover though afterwards, I didn’t have to use much of it, I totally forgot it and feel I hate Maths again. For English, I failed on it too but when applying this mindset, LOVE what you DO, I also started to love English. I enjoyed listening to English radio, reading English newspapers, singing Waltz Disney songs to improve my English accent, and memorizing vocabulary. I had a small paper in my hands every day. Whenever I had free time, I took my English notes to read them automatically. And because I still have to use English, I still love it and don’t hate it like Maths. How is it possible? I applied LOVE what you DO in both Maths and English but eventually, I found out I only loved English, not Maths.

Love what you do, don’t just do what you love
LOVE what you DO will make you know what you really LOVE and you will have a chance to DO what you LOVE at the end of the day. And this is passion for me. Passion is not to search for WHAT you LOVE and then DO it. But DO whatever you have on hand at your best, and you will know whether you really LOVE it or not. Such a mindset, LOVE what you DO, made me become Ping Ping at the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI) today. More examples will be given in the next articles if you love to read more. Do you have a direct experience similar to what I’ve shared in this article? If yes, please share in the comments so we can learn from each other.


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