Tips for Job Satisfaction: Explore New Skill. Challenge yourself!   

As I’m easily bored on the same old stuff if it keeps repeating without change or improvement, exploring new skills or new things is what I love to do. For example, at the age of 22, I could raise funds worth 1 million Thai baht and a lot more these days. Read more how a set of new skills can lead to new connections, new ideas and a new environment.

What I never got from a classroom

I believe I don’t know many things so I’m open to learn and try out things I never did before. This attitude has been created since I was in high school when I started to volunteer in different fund-raising campaigns for peace and social projects. I didn’t realize at the time that by giving my time and effort in such voluntary work, I would get so many new skills that shape the way I am today. Something I would never get from a classroom!

At first, I just wanted to help raise funds, but in order to do so, I had to talk to the people, right? Being an introvert by nature, little by little, I developed a skill to socialize with people. So now I don’t feel awkward talking to strangers anymore, and making new friends has become common. I know how to connect to the people by observing their character, personality, demands, and preferences and learning the way to satisfy their needs and interests.

New environment

Also, in order to make people understand your project or campaign in the same way you see it, you need to know how to tell or sell it. So, a skill of storytelling has to be developed inevitably with or without knowing. You can’t just provide the fact that this project needs money because every project needs money anyway. But why does this project need sponsors or donors? The donors need to feel they’re valuable assets or they’re special for the project so you can get engagement from them. And, of course, it has to benefit the donors in one way or another but in which way they feel the best for it – you need to be able to show them. So you have to choose the message they love to hear, as well as the message you would like to share. Once it’s a win-win scenario, you will get what you want.

I did all those things when I was in high school and after that I became a head of fund-raising campaign when I was at the university. Being a leader, I had to develop more new skills, not only speaking or presentation skills but also PR & marketing skills, as well as the skills of designing printed media. By doing so, it led me to a new area and a new environment. I was introduced to talk to CEOs of PR and Advertising agencies to consult on how to make my campaign attractive in the eyes of sponsors and reach out to bigger audiences. That was a big opportunity to learn from professionals at that young age!


Raising a million Thai baht

As I studied finance and banking, PR & Advertising were not in my field or expertise at all, but I was given this opportunity and developed such new skills that I could never imagine. At the end I could raise a fund worth 1 million Thai baht or around $30,000 at the age of 22. 

I was so proud of myself at the time! Moreover, having developed so many new skills benefited me a lot, especially when becoming the CEO of a nonprofit organization. In fact, when starting Peace Revolution, the project of my newly founded organization, I had no money. So I could not hire anyone, nor afford any specialists or experts. I did most of the job myself from fund-raising to public speaking, storytelling, PR & marketing, script writing, film making, strategic planning, event management, and so on. This is where I could rely on my skills. 

Therefore, even with one set of new skills that you develop, it will give you many new things, from new connections to new opportunities, new ideas, new approaches and strategy. One new skill can lead to another one and even a new life if you love what you do and don’t stay in your comfort zone

Feel excited with new challenges and believe that you can do it as we all have no limit in our capability. Good luck with your job!

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