Tips for Job Satisfaction: Out of the Comfort Zone 

Do you think you have a comfort zone or a safe zone? I do but I can go out of it. Can you? In this article, learn how “Love what you Do” can lead you to go out of your comfort zone.

Tackle challenges with enthusiasm

I talked about “Love what you Do” which led me to “Do what I love” today, which is teaching meditation. It’s actually quite a funny story: one day my teacher looked at my fingerprint and told me I will become a teacher which made me surprised. I said: “No, no. Teacher? That’s not possible. I hate being a teacher. I wanna be a businesswoman.” But she insisted that my fingerprint was clear that way. And right now, I’ve become a meditation teacher. Is it my destiny? What’s for sure, she’s a good fortune-teller!

But going back to the point –  how “Love what you Do” can lead to “Do what you Love” – is because when you Love whatever you Do, it means there’s no condition, no limit, no obstacle, and no comfort zone for you. You can find love in everything that you do. Everything becomes a challenge that you want to tackle with enthusiasm.

It’s up to you

Many people can’t go out of their comfort zone as they don’t believe in themselves that they can do it or they think they’ve never done it before as it’s not their field of expertise, or they deny to do it without a try. They fear the unknown, the uncertainty, the unexpected situation. So many people live their whole lives in their comfort zone. Some enjoy doing so while some struggle because they can’t go out of it.

I don’t say staying in a comfort zone or a safe zone is good or bad. It’s up to you. But if you want to go out of it, this is the way. And it doesn’t mean once you go out of it, you don’t have it anymore. There’s a new comfort zone you develop along the way so you need to go out of it again if you want to go further and further. It can be endless but it will be fun if you have the mindset of “Love whatever you Do”. If not, you may feel tired or lose in the game.

Surprising myself

For example, people who don’t know me well won’t think that I’m an introvert person as they see me speaking on the stage or teaching in front of many people. But actually doing so is not my comfort zone at all. I love being with myself alone quietly. Not to socialize much. Or when I decided to start the Peace Revolution project, which is the online platform for meditation and self-development, I also had to go out of my comfort zone as I had to do almost everything that is not in my comfort zone at all.

Surprisingly to myself though, I can go out of it easily. I’m not hesitating. To run a project like this, I had to develop many skills that I never imagined I would need or should have before. But to make it that easy, it started a long time ago when I first applied the mindset of “love” in everything that I do. Indeed, everything! Believe it or not.

If you want to do new things, explore new stuff in life, or make a change or transition; you can’t just stay in your comfort zone. You need to know how to go out of it without hurting yourself too much or being forced to. Don’t wait until you’re kicked out of your comfort zone because then you may suffer. Be prepared for it today!

To develop a meditation practice yourself, you can try the online self-development program, or join the 7 day Peace Revolution online course.

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