Tips for a More Mindful Pregnancy

There’s a saying that giving birth is the most creative aspect of life. By giving birth, people create new beings and that is undoubtedly one of the greatest and hardest decisions one can make. Women have been involved in pregnancy since the beginning of life. In the past, it was simply one of the jobs that women were going to undertake unquestionably and inevitably; any woman would have children someday!

However, being pregnant and having children one after the other was not easy. So with the progress of science and invention of birth control methods, things have changed. In the modern world, women have a choice to become a mother. It has been mostly said that women love to experience pregnancy by nature, however even if this is true and ALL the women want to have babies, it may not always be done with enough self-awareness.

When you do something unconsciously, the risk of dangers and inefficiencies are high. Needless to mention that we are all aware of the great efforts and pain that our mothers and fathers went through to bring us up well. Hence, we are going to talk about the ways which make this part of mothers’ lives more comfortable and less demanding; ways which add more mindfulness to the journey of pregnancy. What should we do to enjoy this period of life?

1) First of all, bear in mind that you have a CHOICE! It’s your life and it depends on you if you would like to add this role to other parts of your life. Being a mother is an endless effort, so you should want it strongly.

2) Decide for the best time. This largely depends on how much you and your partner are prepared for that. In addition to your family’s economical situation, the mind preparation is also important. Are you ready to deal with the obstacles you are going to face? Is your partner eager enough to study the issues and stand besides you? Are you both able to dedicate enough time to nourish your little baby?

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3) Clean up your diet and eliminate unhealthy foods. You need to prepare your body, mind and spirit for the journey of bringing life into this world. You also need to limit your exposure to toxins. A conscious mother does not want to expose her baby to something which might lead to probable abnormalities.

4) Balance your life. If you have no health problem, you do not need to quit your job. But you need to dedicate some time for yourself. Avoid crazy working hours and enjoy your time. Have enough sleep and some time to study the books related to childbirths and child education or simply enjoy reading novels and doing other entertainment.

5) Do yoga. Yoga is considered as one of the best exercises for pregnant women. It is beneficial for both your body and mind. It improves your sleep and increases the strength and flexibility of your muscles which makes the childbirth easier. It also reduces stress and anxiety.

6) Meditate every day. If you feel weak and scared, it’s probably the time to connect more with your body and inner self. Meditate every day; it strengthens your mind and gives you enough power to deal with your fears. It also helps you reduce stress and be more relaxed.

Doing yoga and meditation are very important for those mothers who feel vulnerable and have a big fear inside. Fear of labour pain is sometimes so high that some mothers prefer to have a Caesarean section (also known as C-section) rather than a natural birth. We should indicate that although science has brought us invaluable benefits and improved our life, it has a tendency to interfere too much with our choices. In some countries which have a high rate of C-Section, pregnant women are usually considered as patients who need medical help! You are not sick, this is very natural for a woman’s body. Your body is created for that. If your tests are good and you have a healthy body and normal situation, you don’t need to face the risks of C-Section. You are strong enough to give birth.

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