Smiling to autumn: how to welcome a change of seasons?

In this time of the year, some people who live in occidental countries may start to feel melancholic. The summer has arrived to its end, sometimes with a feeling of unfulfilled expectations, the autumn is here, and we find ourselves back again into the work or study routine, with its constant action demand, usually accompanied by the feeling of resistance or resignation. The variety of colors, the feeling of external freedom, the long days, the warm sunlight won’t come back until the next year. And we know that before we can enjoy all this again, we will have to face a time of gradual increase of coldness and darkness. When we begin to notice these changes, it is inevitable to start counting the months we will have to go through until the spring comes.

There is, however, a new way to face this change of seasons. Don’t let the lazy mentality undermine the possibility of seeing things differently, don’t focus only on one side of the reality. Reality always offers much more to what we usually think, believe or see. These are some examples of more creative and positive ways to see this new stage of the earth’s journey around to the sun:

1. A new way of looking at the routine: our routine is not opposed to our freedom of action, as sometimes seems people believe. Nor is it an imposition of certain tasks that we must do. The routine comes from previous choices about how we want to live our lives and the purposes we want to achieve. Therefore, a creative way to return to our routine is to think about all those benefits that it brings us: stability, security, foresight of the future, a way to optimize our time and a predisposition to engage with the actions and services which we have freely chosen to commit with.

2. An opportunity to re-design your life: remember that the routine we adopt is based on our priorities, desires and aspirations. If we don’t like it, we can always change it, or at least improve it! Life is offering to us thousands of opportunities at every moment to embellish our day to day. This time of the year is the best to start new activities or introduce new habits, such as playing an instrument, doing yoga, meditating, learning a language… the routine helps us organize our time and gives us momentum to start these new activities we always wanted to do. Remember that the routine must be an ally to achieve your goals, not an obstacle!

3. Do not underestimate the richness that nature continues providing in your diet! The change of seasons comes also marked by the change of fruits and vegetables that we see available in the market. There are fruits that won’t be easy to find again until next year, such as strawberries, watermelon, pineapple… However, there are others that are particular in this epic time of the year: figs, oranges, tangerines, grapes, plums, blackberries, chestnuts… Some of these are ideal for making jams, others, such as citrus fruits, will provide us with vitamin C, which will help us counter the possibility to catch a cold. All of them grow soaked of the summer sunlight, which nature has transformed in healthy nutrients. It is also a time for pumpkins, chestnuts, wild mushrooms, sweet potatoes, parsnips… that will be delicious roasted in the fire or the oven. No more excuse to be cold, and it will be an excellent opportunity to gather with your friends and family in front of the fireplace!

4. Home, sweet home… Autumn and winter make our home feel cosier. The fireplace, the stove, the hot meals… all this will provide us a reason to be grateful and invite us to have a life of rest and tranquility at home. By not aspiring to do so many things outside, this time of year gives us the opportunity to spend more time with ourselves, reflecting and enjoying the solitude… for those who are not afraid to discover what is in their inner world, it will be the best time to start a journey within and integrate all the experiences and changes that have happened during the year.

5. An opportunity to welcome changes. Autumn offers us a chance to appreciate and welcome changes. Not only in terms of the environment around us, but also the changes within ourselves. Nature reminds us that nothing we perceive is permanent. At this time of the year the leaves come off the trees, the light gets dimmer, the sun hides behind the horizon sooner every day… But why do we need to be afraid of changes? This is always accompanied by new opportunities. If we learn to accept and embrace the change in this time of the year, we will more easily be able to accept and embrace the changes that are constantly happening in our lives. In this time of the year, nature can be your best teacher!

6. New forms of beauty. While little by little the green disappears from the landscapes, the beauty in autumn and winter does not disappear. Start to notice the unique colors that trees hold on this season. They are dyed of brown, orange, dark red tones. It is wonderful to appreciate this degradation of colors until the winter comes, when finally, these trees will reveal their unique silhouette composed by their trunk and branches. Winter will be the moment when these wonderful statues will silently keep the secret that sustains the new life. But before winter arrives, observe also the colors of the long and unique autumn sunsets, still accompanied with a delicate touch of a warm sunlight!

If you are one of those who do not like this time of the year – as it happened to me for many years -, give yourself the opportunity now to appreciate and open up to the changes. The key is not to stick to a single time of the year, but to welcome what each of them offers. There are many unique and special situations that you can only live now! If you are not still ready to accept the change or you would like to enjoy more every moment of your life, a helpful tool is this online personal development and meditation program offered by Peace Revolution.

Smile to the autumn!

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