Setting seeds of Peace Revolution in Cuba

Last year our Peace Architect Ilse Marel visited Cuba doing a successful miniPIPO in La Habana setting the seeds for Peace Revolution Cuba. Thanks to her we made a strong partnership with Om Meditación, the biggest meditation organization in the country.

pasura cuba


Consequently, Om Meditación, through his President, Juan Dávila, invited Peace Revolution this year to be part of the VI Meditation Congress: Confluence of Knowledge which took place during 1st,2nd and 3rd of April in La Habana.

The outcome of this visit was very important for Peace Revolution and for the country. The team got to share their meditation knowledge, among other participants sharing different lines of work for inner peace like: Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Neuroscience, Ho’oponopono, among others. Luang Phi pasura, one of the notable meditation masters from Peace Revolution, was recognized as the main speaker of the Conference.


Peace Revolution also performed other sessions during its visit like in the AIKIDO Cuban Federation, Mental Health CUban Center, Revolution Museum, among others.

In total, they were 10 sessions with 753 participants who expressed a love for meditation.



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