On laziness and how to overcome it

Laziness is one of the demons that can torment a grown-up. There are different types of laziness and specific ways to overcome each.

1. Confusion – the “I don’t know what to do” type of laziness

You often experience fear to make the first step. You want the end result and feel scared to start. Perfectionists usually suffer a lot from this. The solution to overcome it is simply to get started. You will figure things out along the way.

2. Neuroticism – the “I just can’t” feeling

Neuroticism is the trait disposition to experience negative effects. It includes anger, anxiety, irritability, emotional instability, and depression. To overcome this, think of a time when you started something new. Use that energy to get started.

3. Mixed mindset – the “I am afraid I’ll look stupid” feeling

It’s the fear of making mistakes and especially the fear of growing. In general, new beginnings, starting something is not easy. So, it’s about the commitment and understanding that you can grow and benefit from it in the future; hence developing a growth mindset is the key.

4. Lethargy – “I am tired and I don’t have the energy”

Know you can change your mood and boost your happiness by focusing on what brings you joy. Use the “just one more step” mantra. You, your mind and your body get all the energy that is needed.

5. Apathy – loathing and the heaviness of “I don’t care about anything”

It translates into being overwhelmed and thinking you can’t do anything about the way you feel. Know your mission and passion to bring more happiness and joy on daily basis. Turn the attention inwards. You will find out what you truly care about and work on it.

6. Regret – “I am too old to get started. It’s too late”

One of the mistakes we make in life is assuming that we have time. We postpone things and feel too much at ease with fitting into the box. It’s never too late if you are willing to try now; tomorrow you’ll wish you started earlier.

7. Identity – “I am just a lazy person”

Words always have power. Be careful how you use them. There is something called confirmation bias: once you think you are lazy, everything around happens to confirm it. Say you are tired, your mind will find reasons to confirm the bias. So be mindful of the way you speak to yourself.

To make the most of your life, you need to be honest with yourself. Check on how you feel on a moment-to-moment basis. You can start a meditation program and gain mental clarity and insight into what really drives you on a daily basis.

Photo credits: Chase Yi @unsplash

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