Letting Go: walk with a free state of mind

Many people walk around with burdens that make it hard to move freely. An airplane can’t take flight if too much luggage is on board. That’s why there are weight limitations to what we can bring. Some of us want to spread our wings but keep ourselves grounded. Our brain works the same way. We can’t soar unless we drop off unnecessary baggage. What is unnecessary in our lives depends on the path we choose to walk. Anything that hinders our growth, we need to lose. If we don’t, we are going through the motions of life.

Let go of our internal enemy’s desires
We are a product of our thoughts. If we abide by anger, hate, sorrow, jealousy, and greed, we are devoted to a self-destructive way of life that will sound like nails scratching on a chalkboard. A new normal is established if we listen to the ear bleed screeching noises for too long. This baggage forms delusions, generating a false reality of happiness.

Past trauma can lead to having overactive defence mechanisms to fire off whenever our tight-knitted comfort zone is intruded on by a different way of thinking. This will cause us to snap without breaking down what is transpiring in front of us for a better alternative outcome. When we let go of what weighs us down, we don’t have to make the equation harder than it is to solve. The more variables we add to the problem, the heavier it is on our shoulders. We will end up dragging our feet everywhere. Our spirit will harden with the cement of negativity to one way of approaching things. When our spirit isn’t malleable, toxic impressions are left imprinted on top of our thought process.

Shine brighter than the scenery
Environmental factors contribute to our daily intake of progress from striding to liberation. Whether we act off of peer pressure rooted in fear, we are a reflection of the things we do with others voluntarily or not. If it’s unwillingness, it will become willingly, forming a habit, turning a good person in a bad situation, into a bad person, in a repeating bad situation. Either way, we need to let go of those who are not good for us. Forget about trying to impress others with erroneous ratifications for attention. The only thing that will accomplish is a blurry identity with ourselves and clouded judgment. Allow the sun to pierce through the fog of ignorance and shine on us with clarity.

There are places that some grow up in where the horrid arms made of lies and anguish rise from the dark corners to latch on and try to drag us under the grimy sewers to keep us from being a story that propels a new way of thinking for others to take from. We don’t have to dress up as the anger and starvation of love that an area closets. We can choose to become loving and fruitful even in the face of violence. Letting go of the filth we grew up bathed in for a brighter, cleaner future can become our new normal. That takes looking past our conditions and grabbing hold of the silver lining that can raise us out of dark holes of misery. Don’t be afraid to shed old skins and be vulnerable. That demonstrates bravery, not weakness. So, it’s ok to be happy with our imperfections because we will never be perfect no matter what community or who we were raised around. Our future self, the product of a constructive and positive way of thinking, will thank you for starting the journey towards freedom today. To live with freedom is not to escape the harshness of reality but to bend our reality, releasing our distraught assumptions.

Freedom can happen right now
When the day drifts to evening, does the day make it difficult for the night to enter? No. Because the day knows it has to do what it must to facilitate a transition phase; because if it doesn’t, the cycle gets thrown off. Sometimes we make it hard for maturing to take place in a new season instead of doing what we have to do. More often than not, subconsciously, we already know what isn’t meant to be in our lives and what is. The answers are inside of us. Our unstable emotions can keep us from regulating a particular situation.

There are proper ways of letting go. In the same way, we lift heavy objects with the correct form so we can get stronger and not hurt ourselves. The more repetitions we put in when throwing away the garbage from our lives, the more efficient we get at it. Muscle memory of the mind. When we blow the pollen off a dandelion and watch the seeds disperse into the air is the same way we can tell ourselves we don’t have to continue thinking a certain way anymore, scattering our concerns into the winds.

Most of the complicatedness life throws at us originates from simplistic roots. When we pull out the roots and find the source of why we allow the fungus that drains us of joy to grow on us, we awaken to a brand new rationale to walk with a free state of mind. Acknowledging reality as it changes around us matures our perception and preconceived notions that we’re meant to break and open a new world. Like a grey colouring book absent of colours, letting go is to change the world inside, pouring out our originality of tones and layers as we learn to exist in the world outside as free human beings.

Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

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