Keep Calm and Be Happy

Keep Calm and Be Happy

I have always been a very vehement person. That’s why I turn normal conversations into arguments very often. In my mind I’m not arguing, of course. Let’s say that I’m just expressing my thoughts in a very passionate way… And if I don’t have a personal opinion to state, then I enjoy contradicting people’s opinions because I always feel I must play the devil’s advocate.

I don’t behave this way on purpose. Honestly, I’m not aware of my way of speaking until I see myself involved in another argument. Again. And I must admit that these unkind encounters bring me nothing else but anger and tons of negativity.

Keep Calm and Be Happy

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So, I decided some time ago to try to correct this habit. I found that meditation helped me with it. Actually, I feel it helped me in two ways. On the one hand, I would say that meditation makes me be more aware of myself all the time. Therefore, I don’t react or behave unconsciously anymore. On the other hand, meditation has helped me to be calmer and to enjoy a well-balanced state of mind, which in turn makes me avoid arguments and stay away of the anger created around them.

There isn’t a better feeling than the power of being in control of yourself and the conscious purpose of embracing a positive way of being. And meditation can help you achieve it and be happy.

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