How Writing Helps Achieving Peace of Mind

People who are spending their lives in the 21st century are going through more stress as compared to the people of a previous age. Thus, the intensity of resolving the issues and helping others achieving peace and happiness has also minimized. It means that humanity lacks in the new generation. The result will be distress.

Therefore, most people are trying to find ways of achieving inner peace. Innovations have made significant progress in the development of the world. They are treating this problem through invisible rays. However, many folks take help of drugs and pills as well.

Understand Peace of Mind

“Just live in the moment.”

It is a motivational statement that you may hear several times. But what actually is a peace of mind? Numerous philosophers define it in different ways. For example:

  1. The absence of worry
  2. A feeling of calm or not being worried
  3. The feeling of being safe or protected

What I conclude until today after reading so many pieces of literature, the best one is said by Mrs. Joe Wilson from Crowd Writer:

“Inner peace is a barrier for worries in not a sense of ignorance but in the impression of governance over your mind.”

Approaches for Inner Peace

There are numerous methods for achieving inner peace. Some people adopt meditation, some folks watch relevant YouTube clips, and few starts writing.

Writing itself is fruitful and benefits various characteristics like skill development, vocabulary enhancement, knowledge growth, establishing the way of expressing a feeling, upgrade with trends, and handling the emotions.

Impact On Mental Health

Never expect to achieve the soothing feeling from the first day of writing. In fact, you may have a sense of apprehension about this act. But keep in mind that the habit of scripting will slowly affect your hormones because life is dependent on mindset. Hence you will overcome the distress. Furthermore, it varies from man to man depending upon the trauma faced by the individual and exercising rate.


Another investigation conducted by the University of Chicago concluded with the positive outcomes of stress via expressive writing. Some pupils showed excellent performance while others didn’t. The achievers were those who wrote about their feelings fearlessly.

Duplication the thoughts by writing establish a barrier between you and your thoughts which generates confidence. The reason might be because such an author starts joining the gap with the emotion of security.


“Writing about an emotionally charged subject or an unresolved trauma helps you put the event into perspective and give some structure and organization to those anxious feelings, which ultimately helps you get through it,” – asserts James Pennebaker.

The research was led by the VA Connecticut Healthcare System based on approximately 150 female participants. The organizer targeted 20 minutes writing competition segment which was conducted for four continuous days. It was arranged in the year of 2014. After certain days, i.e., two to three weeks, some of the participants had shown the improvement. Tests showed lower symptoms of depression and anxiety in those ladies who composed an article related to nature writing.

Sleep Disturbance:

The victims of stress and anxiety usually complain about sleep irregularity. Doctors prescribe the drugs which relax the brain thus initiate the sleep. Writing is a cost-free cure for such guys who wake up at night and think useless things. Because the mind when busy in manufacturing and focusing over nature and writing, the feeling of distress wiped off. Hence, get regular sleep.


Posttraumatic stress disorder (PSTD) is defined as:

“An anxiety disorder associated with severe traumatic events and characterized by such symptoms as survivor guilt, reliving the trauma in dreams, numbness, and lack of involvement with reality, or recurrent thoughts and images.”

PSTD and stress both are the cause of negative activities. This is the reason for anxiety as well as the problem of sleep disorder. Expressive scripting is a powerful tool to reduce it. Corporations avail of this technique to energize employees without spending cash and additional costs.

How to Perform Writing

Writing is an excellent approach to avail peace of mind but someone who is already disturbed, how can he initiate for it? To take fruits from expressive writing, one should use the below techniques:

1) What should you consider for scripting?

The first thing comes in the mind when such a guy holds a pen between fingers;

“What would I write?”

The thoughts suddenly say goodbye to the brain. Actually, this is an incorrect approach to start writing. A person who wants to perform this job must begin with daily commitment. Assign a specific time every day, i.e., 20 to 30 minutes.

Never try to find an appealing title to construct this habit. Whatever title seems easy for you and you can script it quickly is the best heading, to begin with. After practicing the same, your mind would automatically shift to compose the valuable subjects.

2) The best time for the performance

Professional people choose their own sessions. However, they come to this point and select a particular time after several investigations and monitoring personal performance. Typically, authors can achieve the target in a silent environment. Some other people need a crowd of people to work efficiently as they feel dreadful while alone.

Many experts suggest writing in the morning. A brain could gather conducive ideas at the time of dawn. Similarly, Pennebaker recommends working in the evening.

3) How to compose the best composition

First of all, never assume that you will get excellence in less time. Just make trial and error. The number of rejections will furnish your skills or perfection. That’s why professional author emphasized on continuously writing without fear of failure. However, you can check samples from the internet to get the basic idea. We are mentioning some tools for assistance and give you a push in the next section.

Helpful Tools For Writing:

Some tools are useful for giving an elegant touch to your composition.

  1. Guide2Write: You can find several methods of academic writing styles, their details, and arrangements of information.
  2. Writing Ocean: It is a hub that provides you the opportunity to get a list of top online resources instead of consuming time over Google to find such stuff. Additionally, all the sites are categorized in parts precisely.
  3. Accurate Cite: It is difficult for various folks to remember the specific method of scripting reference which is demanded by universities and publishing companies. An incorrect way will lead to devaluing your efforts. Put the chunks of data in respective fields and hit the generate button, finally get the desired result.
  4. Object Me: If you are confused, how to achieve the writing, have a look at some of the published post. They all are written in such a great way that a reader won’t stop till reached at the end and wish to read another one.
  5. Word Count Jet: Sometimes, an author has the limitation of completing the write-up. The reader never likes length articles. Even they won’t go through a novel in a single day. This tool will help you check the word count limit and alter if required.

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