Loving-kindness Meditation

How to Practise Empathy?

Do you want to build stronger relationships with your family members and friends? Here are some tips we put together for you.

1. Listen

If you want to get what a person is going through, shift the focus from yourself to the person you’re talking to. Sometimes we listen to people talking and think about what we could say next. Listen actively, create that space where you are not listening to help or come up with an answer or solution. Design a safe space for the person to open up and share their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

2. Judgment has no place in empathy

Nobody likes to feel that while they are speaking, every word is dissected and thoroughly analyzed. Receive the message as if you were an empty box and knew nothing about anything. Put your knowledge and previous experience aside. Concentrate on being present and mindful in this interaction.

3. Be transparent

Make sure that you are really getting what the person is sharing with you. Describe what you feel you are understanding. Give the other person the space to clarify and explain again if you did not quite get it. Think about what could have made the other person feel like she does. Use the “I” when you talk about your feelings.

4. Hug people

Boost your oxytocin levels. Oxytocin helps you better interpret other people’s emotions. Hugs are the best way to spruce up your oxytocin. Hugs enhance not only your emotional intelligence, but also boost the energy of those whom you’re empathizing with.

5. Be mindful about how people might be feeling

By practising mindfulness you will become more connected with your environment and more aware. This will lead to extending empathy towards people and to help when someone needs it.

6. Challenge your prejudice

Ask yourself if what you think is the true, utmost reality. Might it be that you just interpreted the facts in a certain direction? What if you tried to see the matter from another perspective? What would that be like?

7. Practise loving-kindness meditation. Meditating is a great way to better deal with things like depression and anxiety and just the everyday stress. Practising meditation, especially loving-kindness meditation, can also make you more empathetic. Practise meditation with regularity for best outcomes. Sit comfortably in a quiet spot inside your house or in nature. Focus on your breath. If thoughts start appearing, just accept them and gently let them go. Visualize your center as the source of your inner peace and joy. Imagine you are emanating loving kindness to the living beings all around you.

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