How to Make the Most Out of Your Day

Don’t you just love those days when you feel like you have grown wings and you are hopping around between different tasks, having perfect concentration and completing everything in no time? And you don’t just stop when you get off from work, but continue finishing the month’s long To Do list of your household chores, doing exercise and being excited and happy?

How can you make each day of your life be this lively and energetic? One of the best solutions is training your mind. You may say your mind is not a dog, and it does not need to be trained, in fact you mind is the smartest part of you and it is basically your identity. But haven’t you noticed your mind often wanders off when you are in the middle of an important task? That is because you are not using your mind, but your mind is using you. Can you imagine if you could use your mind as a tool with a 100 per cent concentration when needed? How can this be achieved?

Meditate when you wake up and before going to bed. This will help you still your mind before sleeping and will guarantee a good night’s rest not only for your body, but for your mind too.

Drink enough water. Drink a lot right after waking up and before eating your daily meals, set a water reminder on your cell phone, and you can also use it to close your eyes and still your mind for one minute.

Close your eyes and reconnect with yourself every time you start a new activity. Be thankful for being able to do it, and make the right intention of what you want to achieve from your activity.

Eat healthy! Even if your daily diet is mostly French fries and burgers, add some greens and fruit smoothies into it.

Engage in a sport, which will keep your body healthy and help you socialize. Moreover, there will be something for you to look forward to after work, so you do not leave work tired and squeezed-out-lemon like, but excited about the new activity.

Sing and dance whenever you can.

Do good for others, and good things will start appearing in your life As the beautiful Spanish saying goes “Hacer el bien, hace bien, para ti tambien”

Love what you do and do what you love. Choose rewarding activities for spending your leisure time and for your job. If you do not particularly love your job, there are a hundred ways to fall in love with it!

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