How to embrace your fears?

Most of us come to the point in our lives when we need to face our fears. 

Even though some may not feel comfortable with that, it is actually a good thing, TO FEAR. Why? Because it is an indication that there is something greater or bigger than us. No matter how overwhelming it may seem, as soon as we face those fears, we conquer the situation, we become the directors as if we let ourselves to be as great as something we used to fear. That takes us to another level. There is so much freedom in overcoming our own fears and that is why it is amazing to have this gift of free will. 

By doing so we let ourselves grow into a more unraveled version of us. Which is very powerful, simply because we learn like this and that is why we are here, in this world, to experience, to learn, to expand to a certain level and not to be stuck at the bottom.

Your only limitation is YOU

It happened to me here and there that I have felt so overwhelmed by my fears that it has led me to several panic attacks. Luckily, I am the best healer for myself and I knew even at that point that I cannot let these fears overpower me, otherwise I might be lost forever. The light within me, even when it was just a small spark was somehow brighter than any darkness approaching. Thanks to this strong dedication and belief in myself and the world around I could develop a strategy of facing my fears. As a reward for overcoming fears, it has always led me to the most memorable moments of my life; the moments when I felt most alive and I felt the true happiness. 

I learnt how to befriend my fears instead of looking at them as enemies or limitations. Try to embrace it and see what happens.

If I had let my fears be stronger, I would have never sat on a plane flying my young self to the US alone, without even knowing if I have a place to stay there. If I did not have enough trust in myself, believing I can handle whatever comes and knowing that things would fall in place in the right moment, I would not have become a tour guide, being responsible for groups of people, showing them the beauty of this world. I would never know what standing on my own feet fearlessly feels like and how much freedom it can bring. And I would most probably never had enough courage to look WITHIN. If I let my fears be stronger than me, I would be missing out on so much of life essence and would let my soul dry totally. I would become disconnected from myself. A walking ghost, a robot, a follower. And I have always loved life too much to let this happen.

I’ll tell you the secret which is not that much of a secret actually. Nothing and no one is a limitation for you. You are your own biggest limitation and we all know where it starts, right? In our MIND! That is why keeping it fresh is so important. 

Take everyday challenges playfully

Take whatever challenges you have in your life, whatever comes to you. As soon as something big appears, it means that you are already prepared for it, you are capable to do it. Otherwise, it would not land in front of you. So have that trust and faith. When you do it, when you give it a chance, when you give YOURSELF and your own self-improvement a chance, it takes you to another level, it opens up a new door for you. And you just walk in.

We, as human beings, grow through overcoming our fears at a much higher pace. Try to look at it as a game. We all love to play! We all used to be children and to play is always fun. Some might have forgotten that with time, duties and amount of impurities in our mind, but if we look at the challenge as a funny game, we are not only going to understand what that game is trying to teach us but we start knowing how to play it well and even start enjoying the whole process. 

And the most exciting is that you never know to what extent each and every level of this game is gonna take you. You discover that only once you go for the challenge and experience it. That’s the most miraculous part! That is the whole magic, a real essence of being and feeling alive. 

I guarantee you that the effort in overcoming your fears will be rewarded 10x more because that is the law of energy. Energies are being transformed, and as everything in the world is connected, when I put effort into something on one side, it does show its outcome on the other side and vice versa.

So, take your everyday challenges playfully with a full trust. Breathe deeply in and out. Trust in yourself and everything around you. Do not disappoint that child in you and do not forget the way that „Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life.“

Start from today step by step, day by day and trust the process of vanishing your fears!

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