How to create your own meditation retreat at home?

What if quarantine was our best opportunity for growth, healing, and self-development?

A few weeks ago, when I found out about the lockdown, I told myself: “Alright, we can do this. I’m a meditation teacher, so let’s use this time wisely and focus on mental health and personal growth.” Guess what happened next? I woke up bombarded with memes and toxic messages on my phone. I felt paralyzed with  information overload. Sounds familiar? How have you felt during self-isolation?

Millions are struggling due to the current challenges faced by humanity. We cannot control our external circumstances but we can choose how we respond. Now more than ever we must remain calm and spread kindness to our global family. This is an invitation to learn something new, instead of panicking or binging on Netflix. 

Here are three keys to help you create your own meditation retreat at home:

1. Prioritize physical exercise and nutrition for immunity

A gentle exercise routine in the morning will help you wake up and kick-start your metabolism. You don’t need to go anywhere. Just find a comfortable space where you can stretch and move. I personally start my day with uplifting music, dance, and neurobics (a series of simple exercises that activate both hemispheres of the brain). Physical movement is also a great way to strengthen your intention for the day. Here are a few supplements you can incorporate to boost your immunity: Vitamin D3 and C, Zinc, Ashwagandha, Medicinal Mushrooms, Garlic, Echinacea, and Turmeric.

2. Dedicate your retreat for the benefit of all beings

Remember you’re not alone. Connect to your heart, to the energy of unconditional love, and spread it around the globe. Visualize the whole world bathed in healing light. Send your love and prayers to your friends, family, doctors, nurses, patients, and every living being. Just like the sun, shine your unconditional love. Dedicate your meditation for the highest good:

May those who are sick be healed.

May we be restored to full health.

May we create a new earth filled with love and harmony.

3. Define a daily routine

It takes discipline to be a free spirit. Here’s a suggested program for your home retreat:

6 am: Wake up – smile, give thanks and set your intention

7 am: Morning exercise – walk or dance while feeding your mind with positive affirmations

8 am: Light breakfast, green juice or ceremonial cacao

9 am: Mindful yoga and loving-kindness Meditation

11 am: Free time to relax and declutter! Play nice music while tidying your home

1 pm: Healthy lunch to boost immunity (eat mindfully and in silence)

2 pm: Free time to relax and awaken your creativity. Read, journal, paint or study something you’re passionate about

5 pm: Evening meditation – chanting and sound healing

7 pm: Light dinner and intimate conversation with family or friends

9 pm: Lights out. Self-Reflection. Evening gratitude prayer

This is for you if you’ve been struggling with stress and anxiety. I’ve created an online meditation retreat to give you the clarity, guidance and daily structure you need to use this time wisely. You’ll learn powerful tools to relax and refocus: mindfulness, yoga, sound healing, nutrition for immunity… and even an online dance party! Now more than ever we need peaceful leaders who can inspire their families and our global community. Will you be one of us? Click here to join us for free.

Stay home, stay safe. Click Here and I’ll See you inside.

You may also want to explore Peace Revolution 42 days of self-development program and an online course.

This is a collaborative post supporting our Peace In Peace Out initiative.

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