How to cope with anxiety during the pandemic?

The world is going through a sudden change which many countries did not see coming; this all because of the sudden development of the corona virus pandemic that is affecting many global economies and personal relationships. This virus which has been spreading very fast and killing our loved ones very quickly, clearly shows how many people have developed fear, anxiety and a lot of stress in adjusting to it. While keeping safe from the virus, we all have to work from home which has not been considered as something normal to do, hence everyone has to adjust to this ‘new normal’.

Because we all are familiar to doing things physically and in a more practical manner, it is quite normal for all of us to develop anxiety which makes us feel like our energy is drained, hence we are becoming very fragile to negative thoughts. In an attempt to help everyone during these difficult times of uncertainties, I have written five key tips that have worked well for me during this global pandemic period.

1) Minimize the time spent on internet

The time we sometimes use on internet to browse different sites is often spent unproductively. For example, somebody may be spending too much time on browsing sites about fashion. Of course, it is quite undeniable that it is some form of a therapy for them but for others this can be a way they get even more worried about whether they will be able to put on the clothes they see online like in the previous normal phase. Hence, if you find yourself using internet in a less productive manner, maybe it is time to give yourself a break and become more productive by investing your time in personal growth.

2) Develop better physical and mental well-being

Taking care of oneself should not just start now; it can be a chance to develop a new habit to engage in activities that develop these two important aspects of our lives – physical and mental well-being. Better mental well-being can be developed through meditation. One can try it by engaging in many online programs like the Peace Revolution self-development program program that I once started and that is offered by World Peace Initiative Foundation.

Better physical well-being can be developed by exercising more, for instance, running to a park or doing yoga. Yet the most important aspect of it all is to remember that “we are what we eat”, hence maintaining a healthy, balanced diet can help one have a better physical health.

3) Maintain personal hygiene in the compound and the environment

Having a cleaner environment, house and room can help us have a brighter day which is a choice we all can make today. Taking extra time to take care of the house by doing chores can be very therapeutic because the effect that our surroundings have in our daily mood cannot be directly explained but is highly effective in helping us maintain the positive energy we cultivate throughout the day and year.

4) Never hesitate to seek personal support groups like family and friends

As much as we try to be strong which is overall great, in times of stress seeking out support groups like our family and friends is essential in maintaining our sanity. If seeking these groups seem to be a choice that one is not ready to make, seeking out other support groups like our colleagues at work or university support systems can be another way to have people to talk to and maintain sanity during these difficult times of uncertainty.

5) If you can, volunteering during these times can be very therapeutic

From my personal experience staying in the United Kingdom, I had an opportunity to volunteer for the National Health Service (NHS) and be a great support system to talk to people that needed someone to talk to. At the same time, I volunteered as a Peace Coach to people who have started learning how to meditate through the online self development program by World Peace Initiative Foundation.

These are various things one can do and take time to keep the mind busy from getting involved in activities that can corrupt the mind and build up more anxiety. If one has the chance to volunteer, they should definitely take up the opportunity and do so because they will find out that it can be very therapeutic.

I challenge you to take charge of your life and avoid anxiety during this time of the global pandemic!

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