Have you ever wondered about evolution?

Have you ever wondered about evolution?

If after reading this, you find yourself reflecting and thinking. Good.

As science says, from the beginning of existence, evolution drove the evolving of all sentient and non-sentient beings up to nowadays, where we humans, can develop a high level of consciousness about ourselves. Furthermore, due to that, we can deeply reflect and meditate.

If – one of many – effects of the meditation is about being more detached from the configurated emotions that our brain creates as a survival method, and, to be more aware of, if we may say, vacuity; and at the same time, meditation helps us having a more unobstructed view of the flowing of life when acting, speaking and thinking. Possibly not being so much under the control of the thoughts that intellect performs for driving conduct that heads to survival.

Then… You may wonder, would not that somewhat be to go against the natural law of the evolving of the beings? As by meditating one of the effects is that, we try to overcome this default thoughts-random-processing that our brains have, and that keeps us into a continuous loop of being driven by them in most of the cases, living for eating and reproducing (with all the bias, yes of course, that that produces) which is nevertheless, an essential part of being alive in this natural selection or evolution.

Therefore, if by meditating and self-developing, as said, we are somehow working to escape from this “automatic” brain-body behavioral system of surviving, passing genes and dying. That would lead to an interpretation where consciousness or awareness is not part of the brain, of me, of you, of anyone. This is, there is no ‘us’ as a physical conscience, we are not what we think we are, we are not our brains, our gray matter, our thought; and definitely not so much in control of it as we tend to give for granted.

Our ‘physical we’, as evolution dictates, is driven by emotions, electric impulses, etc. that are there by default, making the organisms survive; then, where is our inner metaphysical ‘we’, our inner perception hidden, where are ‘the real we’ supposed to be? Where is this ‘energy’, or awareness that makes us realize about this? Definitely, by meditation, people can be more mindful about this and find some answers; although some others might learn to be aware somehow or differently, who knows?  Maybe this is something everyone should reflect on – like with all – to find their own meaning, based on understanding, and why not? Introspection and investigation, trying to reduce the bias as much as it is possible, to drag conclusions when plausible.

On another perspective, we could consider meditation a more advanced stage of this ‘evolutionary-adaptive rolling’; as it is a positive feature for the beings that helps them adapt. Why meditation is not amongst this wired system that the brain has by default? Like breathing or eating, as most of the humans do, or at least should do. Therefore everyone could be more aware innately, not through an intended learning, continuous self-work and daily-effort process.

Nevertheless, going back to the most previous point, why this ‘energy’ or awareness that beings possess or develop, would choose to be trapped in these minds, these bodies, particularly in this world/planet, this universe, this reality or dimension? If that energy or awareness has the capacity to be ‘more’ than a piece of moving meat on earth, why to drag itself back here into a semi-automatic brain from which somehow you are trying to escape? To already go back to where you were?

Why would evolution (as scientists show us, not only in this one planet but as a real universal comic stuff) put those awarenesses here, like that, with what purpose? Wouldn’t it be better just to have all those awarenesses ‘happy’ in another place where they do not need to ‘escape’, ‘awake’ if you may say so. However, tend to trap them to go through something that might make them suffer.

Wouldn’t it be more effective for this universal evolutionary order or energy or central awareness, that dances around causality and equanimity of acts and effects, into universal interconnected harmony, to keep those consciousness ordered by default? Avoiding this way, there is a great amounts of suffering and cruelty – not only in human beings but in all sentient beings.

If this is somehow orchestrated by something higher – called God, Universe, biggest stuff (those, like many others, are just human given names to define the powerful whatever it is blasting life, keeping a chaotic order, of this higher truth that cannot be perceived with an unaware-clouded perception), why having this target of all that was, is and will be going back and forward, living, dying, loving, aching, starting… to somehow making them to trying to get free and break that looping turnover?

A turnover which seems quite well established, aiming for staying in communion with the ‘Whole’ that sometimes we may feel part of (when we are joyful, appreciate life, grateful, faithful…). Bringing us peace, understanding and also courage in the face of what comes.

All that, like most of the things, is not under our human control, but maybe it is part of a long, long chain of causes and effects based on intentions, that fills with possibilities (and a certain kind of magic) this changing life-destiny to help us be better if we look outside with the right eyes, inside the heart.—[Yes, not understanding it as a mass of red meat pumping blood all around].

Photo credits: Pixabay

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