Enjoy the Present Moment

Five Tips to Enjoy the Present Moment

“Forever is composed of nows.” ― Emily Dickinson

All we are is visible only in the here and now. The more time we spend focused on cherishing the present moment, the more we appreciate our peace and all the blessings we have in our lives. Take a look at our five tips to enjoy the present moment.

  1. Become aware of your surroundings

A question that could guide you in reconnecting with the present moment is “where am I now?” Try to describe, without interpreting or placing any emotion to what you are perceiving. Let your empirical senses decipher the now. Overcome the need for the mind to have an opinion over what you are experiencing.

  1. Slow down

From time to time I like playing a game I learnt in theater classes: moving so slowly that the audience does not even realise you’re changing position on scene. I particularly like doing this when walking barefoot on grass. Stepping ever so gently. Try to listen to the way my toes’ phalanges curb and my foot pad moulds into the fresh grass. Of course, this exercise if mostly about creating the distinction between rushing through life and enjoying what is happening in every single conscious moment.

  1. Change your routine

Most of the things we are doing on a daily basis, we are performing them from a place of habit. Habits are developed by the brain to make a certain path that will save time and energy when performing the same task in the future. That is why we don’t learn to walk again every single day. We know how to do it. We know all so well how to do so many things. So well, that we switch on autopilot when we are in a “been there done that” situation. The downside of living on autopilot is not only a lack of authenticity and presence in our own life, but we also waste the ability to marvel and enjoy our livelihood.

Pick an area of your life, whatever feels comfortable to you, and innovate. If you have been cooking mushroom risotto a certain way until now, try to spice it up and do something different. When we are in a zone of unknown, we are necessarily more present since we don’t know how things could turn out. Whereas when we recreate the same routine over and over, we know what the outcome will be, no need to be actually involved in the activity. Go for the first option. Enjoy your moments of recreation of what has been previously known.

  1. Be grateful for the calm moments

Does it happen to sometimes tell a friend “Hey, listen!” and they reply “I hear nothing.” Exactly! You’re in such a peaceful and serene environment, no intruding noises, no chaotic sounds. I like it so much when I take a walk in nature or during a meditation session when I realise I am listening to silence. I am so grateful to be able to recognise and indulge in these moments. They were the ultimate luxury for the mind.

  1. Leave yourself a reminder

We sometimes need to remind ourselves “enjoy this present moment!” Set a token and create that link between the object and the feeling of joy for this very instant. At the beginning a post-it, an accessory or even a reminder on your phone would do it. After a while you’ll naturally become more aware of the present moment and acknowledge it.

We’d love to hear it from you. What do you do to be more in the present moment?

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