Community theater and peace dialogue

Cambodia has experienced long lasting devastating civil war, especially, the terrible blow of genocide during the Khmer rouge regime, 1975-1979. Thus, Youth For Peace Organization (YFP) have designed a project to bring a play called “The courageous turtle” to show to Cambodian youth in different high schools. This is an attempt to  raise the awareness about the past conflict and educate the young people on morality, solidarity and peace.


By realizing that in order to plant true peace within the new generation, YFP has decided to collaborate with Peace Revolution to add Inner Peace session after the play. Inner peace would play a significant role in the process of healing and building sustainable peace in this country.

The project is running for the whole May 2016 with 24 sessions for 12 high schools. Two sessions for one high school; one in the morning for grade 10 and another one is in the afternoon for grade 11 students.

The play lasts about one hour thirty minutes while the inner peace session lasts forty minutes. So far, the students have expressed immense joy from the program and most of them have recorded remarkable experiences during the sessions. Stay tuned to know more about this event from the Peace Revolution blog.


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