Business, and Life’s performance

There are great work colleagues, partners, and executives, for sure you know more than one, exemplary role models to look up to. Surely, you have also known about those top performers, leaders, or CEOs that suddenly quit after having psychological disorders and health problems. And, what about those that retired at the top, but without having lived a fulfilling and meaningful life? Mostly due to the decisions they took and the way they thought and behaved.

How could you avoid realizing one day that you were caught up into a loop where you lacked purpose, not regretting what you did when looking back. Let’s explore yourself.


What matters most to you in life?

Work, family, living experiences, cars…? The receipt is only one: effort, constancy, tenacity. And life will bring you everything you need.

Nevertheless, it would help if you were careful and never forgot some existing limits to this rule, that most of us tend to deny or ignore (mostly when it comes to looking outside ourselves).

  1. Time constraints that life imposes, approaching them meaningfully.
  2. Physical and mental breakdowns, sometimes developing sickness and loss.
  3. And notably, the values and principles that lead your existence, giving you peace.

Reflecting on those and setting priorities in these considerations will support and adequate use of the time when in doubt, and will guide you (perhaps after a certain rooting period), to act in a manner that feels right when you sense uncertainty or cannot see clearly. Eventually, you will learn how to listen to your heart above anything, which will tell you where you should head concerning your actual growth, the place where you are, and the current role you perform. An issue you will have to face to evolve, even if you do not know it yet. To be able to do this, you must clear your mind first; otherwise, emotions themselves are likely to cloud your sight. Eventually, the work on this necessary mindset will more than probably, give sense to everything else, not just to you as an individual, but to flow with existence.


It sounds great!

However, paradoxically, while knowing and doing this, occasionally, a given situation, sentiments, or certain conditions still blind our view and authentic self.  This fact could happen within various circumstances, in very different life’s moments, and most terrifying, without you even realizing it. Not only the emotional barrier that would develop will cause you great deals of unnecessary (sometimes necessary, I am afraid) suffering. Also, a blurring of perception, disabling you from listening to your inner voice – with the associated pain and potential headaches that it can produce.

Something that may seem like a transitory period of bewilderment can easily develop into deeply confusing who you are or want to be, losing the north, feeling hollow inside, and in some cases, with all that that entails, daily sorrow—quite a dangerous road to be traveled. The touristic route includes such attractive attractions as self-destruction or unpleasant conflicts with your loved ones.

An own-built wall, which prevents you from enabling a connection with what is inside your being, clear feelings, and the most critical: your spirituality, listening further, holistically. Because you are a living creature, in a connected environment, not isolated. The losing of this connection is meant to cause affliction, frustration, and attract negative consequences to life.

How to break this wall then? On the one hand, understand that taking it down may take a long time, set distance (internally and externally) with the situation or events that created that barrier, loads of introspection and yet, a continuous job of personal development. Destructing something often implies a process of healing afterward; and, very importantly, to maintain it, acceptance of reality, new view, and doing. This process can take weeks, months, for some people, years, of progressive opening, patience, and personal work—besides: humility and significant amounts of courage. Not an easy path, yes, although miraculously rewarding.


On the other hand…

Maybe even more critical that the reparation is the prevention itself. If you have already gone through all this once (or are aware), and very well know the price of this package, when in front or facing a similar situation, you quickly feel something is wrong. At this point, a good maneuver would be to devote some time for purposely thinking if it is worth starting the process of building a wall as a side effect of this condition you are/will be facing. Evaluate the pros and cons, consult with your trusted loved ones, good friends, practice some meditation, or do some meaningful praying. After this, be valiant, humble, and trust your intuition to make an aligned decision no matter what the consequences are. Your heart will be light, your soul – joyful.

Possibly this sounds easier said than done, and when trying to make it, it is far from easy. Nonetheless, with firmness and faith on the way, can be done. The outcomes will undoubtedly be for the better, even tho at the beginning, it does not seem so. That is a test for your resilience and intention over the decision taken, that’s all.

I encourage you to keep on investigating this and yourself. It will be of much help for walking your path here, confronting challenges, with spirit, purpose, fulfillment, and of course, a confident smile.


Those eyes with the ability to understand, acquired through experience and practice, can see things that you would never imagined, bringing peace, enthusiasm, and wisdom.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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