Befriend isolation in the challenging times of Covid-19

“Don’t try to calm the storm. Calm yourself. The storm will pass.” ~Buddha

Facts and how to turn this challenge into an opportunity

The year 2020 came with a challenge of unprecedented scale: Covid-19. We are often looking outside, seeking safety on the outside: in the government, authorities, medical establishments. However, rich or developing countries in recent months are facing similar issues in terms of medical challenges. First months of the year gradually brought changes in people’s lifestyle, work style, and the way we spend our free time. How the world will look when the pandemic ends is difficult to predict.  Current times are emphasizing more than ever the need to look inside, have a refuge inside, be able to rely on ourselves. If you can imagine you are on a personal retreat, having the chance to meditate and engage in self-reflection like never before, you are already winning.

There is no separation

In this age, there is no us and them. The pandemic clearly shows how each individual affects the other. This is the time to look at how what happens to one person affects the next and the next in an interconnected world. This is the time for making simple decisions in the most informed possible way. Panic, overreacting, believing you are invincible are equally counterproductive. In my home country Romania I am seeing a lot of solidarity and fundraising campaigns in order to provide hospitals with masks, protection gear, medical devices, and possible treatment. Young people are mobilizing together to inform and support the elderly with daily errands. There are many good people around the world uniting their efforts to do good. Are you already thinking how you can contribute in your community?

Learning to enjoy solitude

Without doubt, solitude and isolation are becoming the norm all over the world. We can’t know yet for how long, so it’s better to befriend it. Let’s make social distancing neither panic nor selfishness. It’s an act of solidarity with those who are at most risk of death from the virus.

Inevitably, all of us will need to face some fears. Use mindfulness and meditation daily to prepare for difficult times. Being alone stirs many experiences and opens new ways of being and feeling.

Have you ever felt lost or unsatisfied even when you had everything? This might be a collective turning point that will lead to radical transformations. Use this time to define your goal and mission for when you are given a new start.

Follow closely tips on how to protect yourself and your family here:

Photo credits: Rock maze by Ashley Batz @unsplash


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