A 2016 Year In Review

Dear 2016,

In a few days, I will not be able to enjoy my time with you anymore. However, our time together has given me a lot of invaluable experiences. First of all, it doesn’t seem possible that I had to spend almost 8 months doing rehab exercises caused by annoying sciatica back and leg pain. I always thought that I would be heathy but this seems not necessarily to be true anymore. However, the price of the pain was not paid for nothing.

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A Rubber Snake that Lives with Me

In my residence, there were always some birds trying to build nests. Initially we didn’t mind having them around. But later on, they continue to appear more and more. They started to make our windows dirty and smelly. As much as we wanted to hear them sing, we needed them to return to nature. There were plenty of trees outside but we couldn’t just simply yell at them and say “Hey, go back to the trees, will you”? They wouldn’t understand.

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