There Is an Activist within You

In this globalized era, where there is a constant flow of information, we pretty much can say that everyone who has access to technology is aware more than ever and in real time about what is going on in the world.

Having information about the challenges that our civilization is facing has ignited the flame of activism of many people all over the world, who empathize and care about contributing to the resolution of the problems that threat our life and values.


However, all those individuals have probably a common denominator. And that’s the wish of wanting to improve the world but not knowing what to do or where to start. The huge magnitude of the challenges we face is overwhelming. How on Earth could we create any impact if our governments and institutions, international alliances, great known activists and influential people aren’t able to change the world with their massive campaigns, huge budgets and determining resolutions?


Perhaps, we’ve forgotten the power that every single person actually holds. We may feel that the impact of our good faith actions is so meaningless that dissipates like smoke in the air. But if we look at all our actions together, the big picture will show us the actual real influence and amazing repercussion we can create.

Enjoying the path where every little caring gesture matters, is what makes as activists. Can you imagine what would happen if every person in the world decides to take a step ahead towards the goals we believe we must work for? We could achieve unimaginable goals like ending hunger, reducing pollution… and even living in peace.

Become mindful about the challenges we face and act consequently. Become an activist today!


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