3 Steps Towards Knowing Oneself For A Successful Life

As human beings, we like to achieve good things for ourselves and for people whom we love. Many people appreciate success through their personal properties: number of cars, luxurious house, clothes, money and even becoming a celebrity. But in the course of a lifetime, we may fail to reach the complete attainment of our projects, dreams and goals simply because we do not know ourselves. The questions here are: how could knowing oneself help to achieve a successful life? Why do we need to know ourselves or how knowing oneself is the best thing to do in our life? Read further to discover three steps towards knowing oneself for greater achievements in your life.

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Understanding strengths and weaknesses

Strength is defined as any cause of modification in the material or in the body, whereas weakness is the lack of strength. When we talk about strength in material and body, we also refer to energy or ability to do certain number of things. So, strength is furthermore the state or quality of being strong; physical or mental power or capacity. I may, therefore, be able to write good articles, have easy contact with people or easily develop new skills. Those are a few examples of a strength. On the other hand, a person’s weakness could be that he/she easily loses his/her temper or is lazy to read. Weakness prevents us from doing something, while strength enables our full potential. However, there is good news about weaknesses. The reality of weaknesses could also be changed. That said, we could change our today’s weakness into tomorrow’s strength. When we recognise and accept our weaknesses as not being a handicap in our life, we can easily turn some weaknesses into strengths. Making the list of weaknesses and strengths helps a lot in the process of knowing oneself. Moreover, the list could reveal some points, which we need to know more about ourselves in order to capitalise on our strengths for developing new personal and professional skills.

Being honest with yourself

Being honest is useful not only in the process of knowing oneself, but also in our everyday life. Because by being honest we say the truth and incorporate the right habits in our personality. When we are honest with ourselves, we easily identify our weaknesses to be improved for better results. Being honest, in addition, shows the way to our true personality. I may then recognise that being a short tempered person is not good for my health. Thus, I need to learn how to manage my anger. I could also acknowledge that my laziness in reading will not help my speaking and writing skills and that I should start reading to learn new things and to develop my linguistic abilities.

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Meditation as a process of knowing yourself

Meditation is a mental exercise with many advantages. Among the benefits of meditation, there is also a chance to knowing yourself better. Meditation helps to become familiar with our true nature through the process of stilling the mind at the centre of the body. When the mind is calm and focused, we acquire better understanding of what we are and how we could improve ourselves. Moreover, meditation develops our skills and makes people become more productive in whatever they do. Hence, we could know ourselves better and be able to take the right decisions or choices for a successful life.

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