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Positive Morning Habits to Get Your Day off to a Great Start

To get your day off to a great start every day, you can adopt some habits or rituals that will assist you in achieving this goal. As long as you’re devoted to becoming the best version of yourself, these habits don’t have to be long, complicated, or expensive. It doesn’t have to be the same ritual every day; you might make a list weekly and choose different options depending on the schedule lined up for that particular day. Morning habits are easier to prioritize as the day is just beginning. Habits need to be practiced so that they become second nature and you know what needs to be done and in what order. This makes it less of a chore as you know what to expect. Be creative and experiment with rituals to suit you and your lifestyle but always remember consistency is vital.

Waking Up

Firstly, try to wake up early. This can help to maximize your energy levels, productivity and overall health. It allows time for introspection in a calm and leisurely way. You should have a comfortable bed and mattress – the best you can afford. This will allow you a restful night’s sleep. Why not take this opportunity to get a good price on Labour Day and replace your old mattress in time for the change of season when many discounts are loaded? Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep is linked to memory issues, weakened immunity and increased aging. Next, you should always make your bed. This declutters the space as well as your mind and sets you in a good routine for the day. Task one is accomplished and encourages you to move forward through the day in a good manner and with pride.

The first thing you should drink every morning is a large glass of water. Some people say warm water is best but go with what you personally prefer. Others recommend water with lemon. This is said to cleanse and stimulate the kidneys and liver. It alkalizes the body for optimum health and has anti-oxidant properties. Either way, water is necessary to rehydrate the body after sleep. Low levels of dehydration are linked to headaches, cravings and fatigue. Your morning glass will also aid digestion and the body’s metabolism.

Clean Up

It is healthier to brush your teeth and scrape your tongue before eating breakfast. Scraping your tongue gives you a fresher breath, better-tasting food, boosts your immunity as well as healthier teeth. After breakfast, you should rinse with a fluoride mouthwash.

Follow a routine for cleaning your face. This can be as complicated or simple as you like but use the time well as this is a good self-care tool. While looking in the mirror, say out loud or in your head, a daily mantra you have chosen. Smile and think positive thoughts. A great one from the Dalai Lama is: “Every day, think as you wake up: today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.” Think about what you are grateful for and what you are looking forward to for that day. You could take this further and meditate, even just for ten minutes each morning.

Try to make sure your space is clean and decluttered – this can even be done at night before bed. Avoid checking your phone first thing in the morning. This is your time to seize the day and make it worthwhile.

Get Moving

You do not need to do a full-on exercise routine in the morning but some good stretching or yoga poses can get the blood flowing and loosen your muscles after sleeping. This sets the tone for the day and energizes you, builds focus and eliminates stress. Eat a healthy breakfast of lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats to ensure you are less hungry throughout the day.

Create something. Write out your daily to-do list and your game plan for the day. Write a blog post, draw something or record a video. Use journaling techniques as this clears mental clutter, sharpens focus and unlocks your creativity.

Having morning habits or routines allows you to be in control of how your day starts and sets you up to have a productive and positive day.

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