Haifa Bamehriz on the way to Mooktawan Sanctuary in Thailand

Mindfulness: How I Started Enjoying the Present Moment

When I was little, I had a habit of eating slowly, giving the food many bites that it somehow started to irritate family members. I was the last to finish my plate. I remember being scolded for this habit a lot and wondered to myself why is it that I eat so slowly?!

Later in life,  I also disliked to be in a hurry and hated being late or having to things quickly. Whenever I was asked to do things quickly, my brain would slow down even more, I would freeze.

Going through my self-love self-discovery journey, all that was still a question to me.

As I went to Thailand to explore myself furthermore, there was the SURPRISE!

We were constantly reminded to chew slowly, eat mindfully and be present. I can’t forget the amusement showing in my face when they explained why was the present named present, because it was a gift to us.


We were always encouraged to take things slow, do things slowly and be in the present. AND WHAT A RELIEF THAT WAS!

It’s like the world had finally stopped spinning around me. I DON’T HAVE to have to hurry up ever again. I DON’T have to hurry up any more.

How would it feel if you never had to hurry up? How would it feel if you could repeatedly take a clean slow deep breathe with a content smile?

This was the talk, but is walking the talk as easy?

Going back to my life, choosing to go on with life, I realized I was one month late with my coaching program. If I am to pick up the pace, I have got to hurry up and get so many things done in a month period of time let alone being a full-time instructor.
That moment, the world went back to spinning all over again. It didn’t feel right, nor light. I felt like I lost peace again and I didn’t like it. I remember speaking to myself, saying that I do not want life to push me around. I don’t want to do things that way ever again. I, as always, want to take my time doing whatever. And that was the real challenge!

Spinning around for many days afterwards, I decided to contact my mentor and set a new deadline for me hoping he wouldn’t charge me for it. Luckily, we found a way for me without having to pay any extra cash for such a request like the rest do. I was given enough time to get my project done. NOW THAT FELT LIKE HEAVEN!


Taking my time doing my project, not only am I enjoying the NOW, I am also savoring the tasks and assignments with the love and passion I have for coaching. I am breathing freely, happily and comfortably taking my time.

What about you, are you doing the same? What are your thoughts on this subject?

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