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Meditation Workshops in Ukraine

Imagine your country goes through a severe conflict, economical crisis and collective anxiety that gets so strong you can even smell it in the air. Ask yourself what would you do? Would you run around panicking and contributing to the overall madness or would you be a tiny candle light and little island of peace in the sea of war?

The choice of Peace Revolution team was obvious. So, in December we organized a set of workshops in Ukraine to bring peace to different society groups: students, adults, refugees, kids. Over 300 people attended our four-day workshops and gain insight into how to find peace and harmony in hard times given by especially invited, Luang Phi (meaning “brother monk” in Pali) Pasura.

Apart from theoretical aspects on how to keep the mind still and balanced in difficult times, our guests also tried guided meditation. For many of them it was the first experience of its kind in their life!

Peace Revolution in Ukraine
Peace Revolution in Ukraine

Young and old, students and refugees, men and women, all together said these few hours were the first time in many months when they could really feel peace. The workshop was the first introduction to meditation and we are inviting everyone to join the free online 42-days self-development program.

Sometimes when the outside change is not in your power, all it takes is to be this calm harbor yourself and invite as many people as possible there. Our Peace In Peace Out (PIPO) Campaign stands for the belief that every change starts from within. The change starts with you.

Ukraine expressed her gratitude with amazing snowfall. Everything around became so light that somewhere deep inside every one of us believed that we can make a difference.

Snowy Ukraine
Snowy Ukraine

Peace is not something that happens to you. It is what you and me and each one of us brings to the world from one heart to another. You never know, maybe your small and simple act of kindness will launch a world change.

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