Meditation workshops in Kazakhstan

On October 17 and 19, World Peace Initiative Foundation organised meditation workshops in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We held workshops which covered the following topics: Stress management and Meditation, Finding happiness through inner peace, Yoga and meditation.


It was the first time for World Peace Initiative to come to Kazakhstan and we are very grateful to our partners and participants for supporting the idea, helping with promotion and showing interest in meditation. Thank you Yoga Center Gayatri, Yoga Dom Almaty, and KIMEP University for hosting us!

We hope in the future we can organise more interesting events, including workshops and meditation retreats in Kazakhstan, as there are many people interested in inner peace, meditation and self development. meditation-kazakhstan-01

Meanwhile, we would like to invite all those from Kazakhstan who are interested to deepen their experience with meditation to come to our annual event in Georgia, Bridge Peace Fellowship. Applications are open now, please apply soon! Do not miss such a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people and meditate in beautiful Georgia with the monks from Thailand.


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