Meditation Boosts Positive Emotions

The Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard has been acclaimed to be the happiest man on earth. Do you know by whom? Well, some cognitive scientists of the Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience in Wisconsin made this affirmation after showing that Matthieu Ricard, a highly experimented meditator, has extraordinarily high levels of upbeat activity and almost invisible levels of negative emotions.


Image credit: Peace Revolution

The evidence that these scientific researchers have found is supporting what people who meditate already know, that meditation boosts positive emotions. In simple words, the part of the brain where happiness, love, kindness, altruism and other positive emotions happen is activated when meditating!

But there’s no need to read such scientific papers. Just sit down, and meditate for 20 minutes every day for one month. And you’ll find the difference. The most relaxing stillness and a profound sensation of joy will arise your mind. Love will emerge from you. Happiness will remain.

As Matthieu Ricard said once, “If you can learn how to ride a bike you can learn how to be happy”. Indeed, meditation helps us to reach a Sabai, relaxed state of mind, which makes us become the true expression of positive emotions towards our environment, isn’t it amazingly beautiful?

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