Introducing WPI at Global Peace Leadership Conference

Our team member and Peace Architect Alejandra Barbé Sevilla took part in “Ethical Leadership Amid Global Crisis” organized by Global Peace Leadership last week in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she had the chance to introduce World Peace Initiative and its project Peace Revolution to a wide range of international peace builders.

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[Photo credit: Global Peace Foundation]

Global Peace Foundation is an organization that promotes a values-based approach to building sustainable peace and advance models of development on the community, national and regional levels. Engaging global networks of public and private sector partners in more than 20 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, GPF implements programs and activities that transform education, build youth leadership, strengthen community-based development efforts, and foster a culture of service and volunteerism.

This conference aimed to gather diverse international peace builders in order to examine the urgent ethical challenges of our time and to advance models of peacebuilding.

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