How to Use The Two Sides of the Brain to Experience More Happiness?

Have you ever wondered which side of the brain you are using more? Are you working with halves or operating from a place of wholesomeness making use of all your abilities?

Studies and popular theories tend to generalise and divide people into 2 groups: those who use the left side of the brain and those who use the right side more. If you ever wondered why you act in a certain way, the answer might lie in which side of the brain you are using more.

Our brain has different functions associated with different abilities and characteristics which are more or less manifested and used by a person.

Which one are you?

Go through the list below and see how many traits you can tick:

Studies agree that people who use the left side more are:

  • Goal oriented and well organised
  • Good planners who work according to a “to do” list
  • Rational: feelings don’t get in the way when making decisions
  • Logical: skilled at maths and science
  • Precise: their research is well documented, and they like to operate according to directions
  • Realistic: when it comes to reading, they prefer non fiction and realistic stories
  • Dog lovers
  • Music: prefer classical music

People who use the right side more are:

  • Slightly disorganised, unpredictable and emotional
  • Impulsive: do things  spontaneously; keeping track of the time is not a priority
  • Emotional: act based on feelings
  • Creative and artistic
  • Intuitive: can work and solve problems based on intuition and rely less on directions
  • Interested in mystery stories and the unexplained
  • Cat lovers
  • Music: prefer rock (not exclusively) and can work and study when the music is on

When a person operates from a place of a pure reason or pure emotion, sees the world through one lens and misses out on the big picture, it can feel chaotic and disorganised to view our lives from this one perspective. However, operating only with logic and rational thought can make things seem lifeless and uninviting. Learning how  to integrate reason with emotion allows us to make use of all the qualities and experience life in its wholeness.

Think of situations in your life when planning ahead and making decisions based on a clear information and facts is needed. Choosing a college, buying a home, going for a job interview with a certain employer might come to the mind. The rational mind relies on information and facts that are a good ally in these circumstances. However, the emotional mind takes the lead when feelings control the individual’s thoughts and behaviours. In these situations little consideration is given to consequences, and a person acts based on what he/she believes the truth is, or a perception of truth, or merely a projection of what he/she thinks the truth might be.

Finally, each person acts based on some models and patterns which feel familiar and trustworthy. Now that we have some distinctions (for example, the left and the right side of the brain and their characteristics) we can see and understand more about what governs our decision making and take the plunge to explore those qualities we might have used less. Happiness and feeling fulfilled is often the balance between the rational mind and the emotional mind. It is a state where an individual recognises and respects his or her feelings, but are able to respond to them rationally and maturely.

Photo credit: Ricardo Gomez Angel@ripato

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