Never Stop Dreaming Peace Revolution

Lesson 1: Never Stop Dreaming

Sometimes while growing up, our parents, our teachers, our friends try to affect our own dreams. Most of the time they want the best for us, but as we discover in our life paths, only us can determine what is the best for each one of us.

I consider dreams to be the fuel to keep us pursuing a better life. Dreams could be the product of our wild imaginations or of our childhood years, influenced by what we watch, read, feel or hear.

We never stopped imagining ourselves in a different world, dimension or even planet, when we were kids. We had our imagination as our primary source of entertainment, but we loose it when growing up.

So, my dear friend, don’t lose it! Dream and you can get a lot of smiles. When I was a child I dreamed to live in India, such as The Beatles and Steve Jobs. Thank to a scholarship from the Indian Government (ITEC Fellowship program), I spent 8 weeks doing what I like. This experience gave me time to write, without pressure, without deadlines.

Never Stop Dreaming Peace Revolution
Never Stop Dreaming Peace Revolution

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