Change: like it or not, forever necessary

We resist and often resent changes. But change is the key to life, because, despite change being seemingly painful, it’s forever necessary.

What I fear, keeps me safe

Most of us tend to settle in our comfort zone, we are afraid of the change or something new. We tend to get used to the rut and routine and begin to love that as the sole option available to us. Then, a sort of mental complacency sets in and we don’t want to alter that. Maybe because we no longer hope for better things, or maybe because we live in the belief that every ending is painful and doesn’t lead to something better. Every change is important and every change is meaningful in and of itself. What seemed negative or painful in the beginning may turn into something new; in a new beginning, a new way, a new direction, a new opportunity, a new life, or even a new you. Change often paves the way for something better – and if not better, at least different. In difference lies life’s momentum and progress.

On the other hand, this has to be born within, within you; since you do not have the power, thank God, nor the capacity to make things happen as you wish. To understand this, let’s look at this comparison between rivers and seas and the hundreds of streams:

Rivers and seas are more powerful than streams. They are larger, deeper and stronger. Without water flowing in from hundreds and thousands of streams, rivers and seas wouldn’t be what they are. Rivers and seas can be powerful, because they are ready to receive. Similarly, just like rivers and seas, you must be ready to receive…To receive water from streams, rivers and seas have to stoop low.

In some occasions, the best of the words is not to use them

Pay attention and silently listen to your surroundings, rather than fight against the conditions in our lives; we should allow things to take their natural course, if it is natural, it is good. While many of us wake into our day with multiple ‘to-dos’ stacked on our list and a sense of urgency to get things done, it’s powerful to consider that there is a natural order in everything we do. If we tune in and follow the order, things get done effectively, efficiently and without extra effort. If we go against the order, it takes extra time and energy to get things done and in some cases nothing will get done, no matter how hard we try.

Let us take a writing, like this one you are reading for example. If you feel uninspired and tired, don’t force yourself to write a perfect chapter. Instead, recognize the direction of the nature and take care of yourself, maybe go for a walk. Then, when you feel inspired and motivated, take advantage and write with great ferocity and determination. This means – recognizing by being aware and acting accordingly. Some people by default interpret ‘mindfulness’ or ‘meditation’ as something passive, laid back or lazy. In the eyes of equanimity, there are very often times for action, but if no action is needed based on the laws of achieving a clear awareness, then doing anything may be overdoing it.

Remove the noise 

It’s all about realizing when our efforts are being useful and when they are being wasted, with the right view, right concentration, right thought and right effort.

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