9 Ways Father can be a Role Model for Their Sons

It is true that if you want your child to be noble and dignified person in the society, all you need is to walk the path that you wish them to walk. As a father, teach your child to respect others by respecting others yourself. Tell them to be humble by demonstrating what humility is.

The father especially being the head of the family, every child is looking up to you thus you need to be a perfect role model for them. Your son will emulate all the character you exhibit which will shape his future. This article will highlight ten tips on how you can be a role model for your son as a father.

1. Be a man of your Words

The best way your son will trust what you tell them is by ensuring you act according to what you say. Your son is very keen and will always observe to see whether the father is acting as he says. If you act opposite to what you say, your son will take you for a mediocre father and will do what they think is right for them.

2. Be Visionary

A good father will always have a vision and put in place the right plan to help him actualize the vision. You need to show your son the need to have a goal or a vision in life. That notwithstanding, teach them how to work towards the goal till it becomes a reality. If you tell your son you want him to be the best athlete, tell him what is required of him so as to be the best athlete.

3. Show Optimism

The father is the head of the family and as such, you need to remain positive no matter how challenging life seems to be. Show your son the need to remain positive facing life challenges with a positive attitude and hoping things will turn out good at the end of it all. This way, your son will admire you as a father and feel motivated to lead the life you lived.

4. Be Respectful at all Times

Respect is what defines people and as a father, this is one virtue you need to instil in your children and show it yourself. Show your son the need to respect people, property, rules and regulations, themselves, family and the society at large.

5. Keep the Right Company

Relationships we keep most of the time tend to influence our values and shape our life perspectives. This means you need to keep the right company especially with your close allies. Surround yourself with people who help you grow mentally, spiritually and in all aspects of life. This way, you will be leading your son on the right path.

6. Embrace Openness

If you want your son to admire you and emulate you as a father, learn to be open with all your undertakings. At no time should you do things with a hidden agenda or even tell your son something to impress them yet you do not mean it. This will make your son adapt the same behaviour which will impact on him negatively.

7. Show Temper Maturity

Temper is one behaviour that can result in someone committing mistakes that will make them regret in the future. As a father, never act while in anger or even get angered by small matters like a small quarrel with your wife or kids. Remain calm and handle matters head-on.

8. Display Servant Leadership

Despite the fact that you are the head and leader of your home, take time to show the love to the family by serving them. This could be through taking time to do a clean-up activity jointly with your family members. This will inspire your son so much that they will wish to grow up and be like you.

9. Live a Healthy Life

Be the kind of father who teaches their children the need to live a happy and healthy life. In addition to that, show them how to live such a life. Take your son and other kids to the field to do some physical exercise. Show them how to eat a healthy balanced diet. Engage them in songs and dance or any activity to keep them happy.

Final Verdict

When you get the title father, you need to live up to it and be more than just a father. Lead by example so that your children and especially the son can learn from you and become better parents in future.

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