3 Ways How Meditation Will Change Your Life

So right now, you may be thinking of a guy with long hair and flip flops sitting cross legged underneath a tree. Or at least that’s what I thought when I first heard the word ‘meditation’. To me, I didn’t need it, there was just so much else going on. I mean who has the time to just sit in the same position for 10 minutes?

That was my conclusion, so at that time it suited me to ignore the thought of meditation. But it seemed to keep coming up in almost everything I was doing. In the books I was reading, the YouTube videos I was watching, the adverts I was seeing.

When I began to hear gurus and even celebrities talk about the power of meditation, how they use it to focus, to relax, to manifest or even to ‘trip out’, I couldn’t quite get my head around it. How could it be possible? All of this abundance, all of this joy and benefit just simply from… breathing? Well, yes. Read on and see three ways in which meditation will transform your life!

1. Managing anxiety and stress

When we’re stressed or anxious, it can sometimes seem like we are trapped in a whirlwind of thoughts about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future, right? Think about it. Most of the time when we’re feeling anxious, it’s the direct cause of dwelling on the past or the future.

Meditation helps with anxiety because it grounds you in the present moment through breathing and focus. Moreover, with practice through meditation, we can learn to return to the breath (and in turn, return to the present) in times of anxiety or stress, wherever you are.

2. Manifestation through Meditation

Neuroscience has shown that over 95% of our brain activity is subconscious. Meaning our day-to-day routines, actions, emotions and decisions come from a place we are not fully aware of. Think of the sub-conscious as the part of the mind’s iceberg that’s below the surface, so to speak.

When meditating, you are in a state of complete awareness. You’re noticing (but not judging) the persistent mind chatter that we usually deal with in everyday life. When we’re in this state, we can tap into that subconscious with ease. Thoughts become clearer; levels of focus increase dramatically.

Through this intense focus we can see our deepest desires, our needs and how we really operate in ‘HD’ (high definition). By regaining this kind of focus and awareness, the possibility of manifestation becomes significantly more likely. Many people have described manifestation as a ‘cousin’ to meditation in regards to how the two work on similar frequencies.

3. Because it feels GREAT!

Yes, who knew it? Just sitting down and breathing can quite literally produce feelings of euphoria and elation.

Studies have also shown that meditation can go as far as improving self-image, self-esteem and confidence. These results specifically come from a form of meditation known as ‘self-inquiry’ meditation.
This kind of meditation explicitly aims to help you understand not only yourself, but also allows to relate more effectively to those around you.

Although it doesn’t stop there. Meditation has been shown to improve sleep, fight addictions and even enhance attention span. So there really is a meditation for everybody!


But hey, don’t listen to all the statistics and ‘hype’ around meditation, try it for yourself. After all, you can’t reap the rewards of something you don’t try. However, don’t expect to be a superhero after one session. Practice frequently. Meditation is a skill, a skill of the mind, and every skill needs practice so… Happy meditating. Namaste.

Photo credits: Omid Armin, Unsplash

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