14 Ways My Self-Transformation Happened Through Meditation

Since I started meditating on daily basis, I have had a profound and positive personal transformation. Here is what I learned since I started to meditate:

1) I understand that everything I do has an effect or consequence in the outside. If I think, speak and behave with positivity and optimism, the universe will answer me back with positivity.

2) I understand that I am constantly creating my own reality. I am a protagonist of my world. I have the power to change what I do not like, and no matter how tiny or little an action is, it is always having a positive effect.

3) I understand that there are things in life that only need to be accepted and there is no way in wasting energy and effort in trying to change the unchangeable. On the contrary, by accepting something I am liberating myself. Accepting brings freedom. It gives me a new perspective and new opportunities.

4) I know that everything I think, and every idea I create in my mind is possible of becoming real. There is a very short cut between ideas and facts. If I think about it, I am creating it to a certain extent. So be careful with your ideas!

5) What I call my Box of Negativity fades away! That cumulus of past negative experiences, telling me about catastrophic events or drama situations, and that sometimes determine the way I see reality was cleaned up. So whenever I face a new obstacle, no matter how difficult it is, it will not get stuck to the old negativities. On the contrary, I am able to see it as a new challenge, trying to solve it and then let it go.

6) I am much more able to let go situations, relationships or behaviours that do not nourish me. I do not get stuck so easily to difficulties but on the contrary, I am able to let it go and move on.

7) My creativity expanded as it never did before! I find solutions much easier because my imagination and innovation strategies just flow. Whenever I think about a problem to solve, I immediately figure out the solution. So, my mind is more problem solving or solution-oriented instead of problem creating! It is a switch that changes!

8) I am more confident and I trust myself. I doubt much less. I know what I have to do deeply inside myself.

9) I understand my life and processes in a much more holistic approach. Like looking at the labyrinth from the upside instead of being trapped inside of it. I see things and situations in a clear perspective. There is a break from confusion, a management of ego and a control of emotional dramas.

10) I used to be a person that took a lot of things for granted in life. But now, I have realized I have so much to be grateful for. So I am always being conscious about thanking for everything that is given to me.

11) I am having a more sustainable feeling of joy, pure and simple. My good mood is prevalent over my bad mood.

12) I feel much more connected to the present. I am able to enjoy things as they are at the moment they are taking place, without worrying myself because it won´t be forever but on the contrary, by appreciating them at their right moment and time.

13) I smile much more. And we know that people who smile more are much more beautiful!

14) I understand that even when I think I am controlling everything, there will always be something disruptive, a difficulty or something that bothers me because actually, nothing is perfect. So it is about the attitude I take to address those negative things that really matter in life.

I strongly believe that all this positive transformation has helped me to be a happier person. And the important thing to learn is that there is no way to happiness because happiness is the way. Imagine we all meditate and go under this kind of structural transformation! Isn´t meditation a powerful tool for a positive transformation worldwide?

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