Why being enough is the true meaning of life

Many people sometimes feel that they are not enough. I am not an exception. There are days when I feel I could do better, I could say something better or not doing anything at all would have been the best option. Why? Why are people so strict with themselves? Why put unnecessary pressure for different reasons? Why do we want to fill our own expectations in order to fit into the system or someone else’s picture better? Next to our constant search for the true meaning of life, we often forget that we are enough, we have always been enough since the day we were born and we always will be enough. This quote, not remembering by whom, says that all: “Do not shrink for people, your soul is an ocean.”

Transforming misfortune into advantage 

I clearly remember when I was diagnosed with hepatitis E. “Hepatitis E?” was my reaction. “I’ve never heard of that type!” I was trying to accept that I had caught a virus which I could have spread among my friends even without knowing. It felt terrible. I had taken a vaccination for types A and B, but those had not protected me; instead I had got a brand new virus, the cure for which was not found yet. This put me in a bed for one month somewhere in Sri Lanka, all alone in my weakness. But was it really my misfortune? When I look at it from a distance, I understand it was actually my luck. A part of my journey. A way to slow down and straighten up by giving myself more time to think and do the inside work. Thanks to that illness I had to go back home to Slovakia and thanks to that I applied for an amazing job which I got at the end. None of that would have happened hadn’t I caught the hepatitis E.

In the end, it does not matter who thinks what about ourselves until we know we have tried our best and the decision or action taken was made from the bottom of our heart and with clear intensions. If it is so, things will always happen the way they should, in fact, the best possible way. Accept it. Trust it. Even if something does not work the way we want at the moment, how do we know it will not benefit us later? Empowering myself instead of feeling pity is the best technique helping me to grow. It wakes up that warrior within. A peaceful, yet fearless and powerful one!

Life as an electrocardiogram

I feel as if everyone is obsessed with looking for the true meaning of life these days. Why? Isn’t it enough that we are alive and we can enjoy living in this diverse world and keep fulfilling our daily “missions”? We are lucky because we have been brave enough to go for this chance, a chance to live. At least for me, I am quite concerned that my soul has decided to be born because it has not only something to offer to the world but also a lot to learn and that is why I am trying to enjoy everything that life brings. Even least pleasant moments. To understand and to embrace those, to be in peace with myself fully. It is not always easy and I am not saying I have mastered it completely; it is a process, indeed, but I am on the way, a constant and never-ending way, and that is enough for me. Because on this journey, I learn a lot about myself and the world, and I am growing as a person. This attitude and way of thinking brings that “chill out” mode into my life and makes things much easier.

Imagine life as an electrocardiogram. It is never constantly a straight line, but it reaches its heights, as well as the deepest levels. It shows a picture of our heartbeat, a picture of pure life! It is meant to be that way. And I suppose it also shows that we should accept our life with all the ups and downs. Because it is a natural part of it. It shows me that I should keep going, keep being active, keep trying without giving up, and if something does not go my way, it is not a disaster or the end of the world but I rather learn from my mistakes in order to do things better next time. What’s important here is that no matter what, at least I tried – so I do not have to face that “what if” doubt in my mind later. As long as I keep going, I am on the way, I feel the flow. As soon as I stop and there is a straight line for my heart for too long, I stagnate and tend to pity myself, overthink and loose the spirit.

So how do you find a true meaning in life? Chill out more, overthink less and look within. Your existence itself is the real meaning of life. It’s enough of a potential from where to start embracing this life. Let’s accept that ups and downs are natural part of the life and everything is the best way it should be for you at this particular moment. Then questioning the meaning of life will basically become meaningless.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

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