Peace Revolution Artistic Meditation Retreat

The White Dress Code of the Peace Revolution Meditation Retreat

Once you arrive in the Mooktawan Sanctuary in Koh Yai Noi Island, in Thailand, you have to wear white clothes. Many people would ask:  why wear white?

Here are some reasons:

  1. Because the climate is hot in Thailand. As the white color is the only one that reflects all the colors, all the sunlight, this color can turn your clothes more fresh and suitable.
  2. A white fabric needs few chemicals in textile industry. Therefore, white textile can be more eco-friendly than a colorful textile. In addition, fashion should be kind with the environment.
  3. White clothes are very easy to combine, especially for someone that is traveling and needs everything to be practical. Moreover, a total white look is fashionable, trendy.
  4. Of course, nobody needs to use fancy or trendy clothes in a retreat. In fact, the opposite is true: use modest clothes, try to be and to look more humble.
  5. When clothes have as few information as possible, such as bright colors, prints, slogans and any kind of details, they don’t disturb the others around you with unnecessary visual information.
  6. Finally, for several cultures around the world, the white color means Freedom, Purity, Innocence, Redemption, Virtue, Enlightenment and, of course, Peace.

So, be cool wearing white and enjoy the dress code of the retreat!

Meditation Artistic Retreat, January 2014, Thailand

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