“What is Peace?” A Father and Son’s Video for World Peace

13 years ago, I woke up on a sunny morning with the desire to write a poem. This was a funny thing, because at the time I hadn’t written a poem since I was a kid. But, I had an entire day to myself, so I thought, “What the heck, I’ll give this a try!”
So I grabbed my notebook and went for a daylong walkabout while allowing these words inside of me to flow onto the page.
The poem was about peace. Something my 22 year old (naive & optimistic) self was frequently contemplating at the time. I wanted to know, what is peace? How do we achieve peace as individuals and collectively?
The hours went by fast and line-by-line, a beautiful poem that I felt incredibly proud of came through.
Now, skip forward 13 years…
I was approached by an organization called, Unity Earth that is working towards creating the first global holiday for World Peace. They are in touch with the United Nations and need to gather as many signatures as possible to show that humanity wants a holiday focused on peace.
During one of the conversations with Unity Earth, they told me they needed a viral video to help spread the message of peace for their www.StandingForPeace.org campaign.
Like a flash before my eyes, I remembered my old Peace poem and I had a vision of working with my 3-year old son on a video that could spread this important message.
When I asked my son, Sauryn if he wanted to create a video for world peace together, he excitedly said: YEAH PAPA!!
Below is the video we created based on the first of many poems I’ve written.
The “What is Peace” Poem (original version)

Many in the world say ‘peace is the way’,

But when you ask them what peace is, they’re not sure what to say.

Peace has many faces, there’s more than just one,

Love, compassion and Kindness are some.

More than just a feeling or goal for “some day”

It’s the reason we are here, it’s the reason we pray.

Believe, take action, you’ve got to have faith.

And know deep inside that Peace is the way.

So how’s our world reach a peaceful state?

Forgiveness, Acceptance, learn to meditate.

Finding peace is a journey of self-discovery,

We must heal our wounds on the road to recovery.

The reason there’s chaos in the world of today,

Is the minds of our people are full of fear and dismay.

Finding peace in our lives starts with a choice,

To silence ourselves and listen to our inner voice.

The truth of Love rings through loud and clear,

As we connect to our breath and exhale away fear.

By shining your light you make peace where you go

And everywhere you are you allow peace to grow

So how do we overcome all of our fear?

Courage, curiosity, being willing to explore.

When the whole world does this, there will be no more war.

Peace starts now, it starts here with you,

Becoming the change is what we must do.

The journey can be tough, it may hurt us at times,

In moments of doubt ask for guidance and signs.

And the answers can come in mysterious ways,

Sometimes instantly…others in days.

Be grateful, give thanks, these are good places to start,

Do this everyday and it will open your heart.

I wish you much luck, I know you’ll do great,

I look forward to the day when there is no more hate.

And because you choose peace in this time and space,

The world is already a much better place.

So thank you thank you thank you my friend

for choosing peace in this moment so world peace may begin.

Do you Stand for Peace? Join the movement at www.StandingForPeace.org 

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