What does it mean to be present?

When you look back in time at all the things you have left behind, it’s funny how the ¨last day¨ soon becomes ¨that day¨ and it doesn’t belong to you anymore. Like the version of yourself who lived it, is dead now.

In one of his stories, Jorge Luis Borges negates the time; it reasons that the present is indefinite, the future has no reality other than as a present hope, that the past has no reality other than as a present memory. It is all happening ¨now¨, right? But what you do with the now is the hardest part: what do you bring to it? What do you create from it? What does it actually mean to be present?

Brave enough to die all the time

I believe it has to do with surrender. To let go who you are, to let go who you were, to let go what you expected to be, what you wanted before changing your mind as you started being someone else, once again. And again. In an endless cycle as time itself. It means to be brave enough to die all the time. To drop it, finally, and disappear in the moment. Every single moment as it is the first and the last.

To let go means to accept and embrace the fact that each morning is a new beginning. Buddha said: ¨Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters the most.” You don’t need to keep carrying the baggage from your past. Let go of the ¨this is who I am¨ and stop defining yourself, leave the ¨I¨ and that fictional identity, create and recreate over and over. Let go means to fall. Fall means that you let go.

Fall until you fly

It means to abandon the ego and surrender to all the possibilities that every day holds, to accept the fact that ¨you¨ have died to reborn again. When you believe that you are still holding to the person you were, to the things that made you happy, you don’t realize that you are holding also to the things that made you sad. It is a part of the package.

To let go means to throw yourself into the abyss and drop everything that is holding you from learn in the fall, that you don’t have more than this exact moment. And it lasts forever. Just let go and fall. You’ll never hit the floor as long as you realize that you are living the present; that in your mind there is no other scenery than the one taking place right now. That is the balance after all. To keep falling until you understand that you are actually flying.

If you want to learn more about letting go and staying present, why not consider a new challenge?

Photo credits: Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

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